"Time is Flying"  by Terry D. Pickron.    

Overlook the faults in the mirror

Change begins within... Be want you want to see in others, and the world. Wise Words by Terry D. Pickron

Living in the past

There's more to life, more people, more opportunities. Come out of what happened and you might uncover a new Reality. Wise words by Terry Pickron

Into her Heart I sang a song

Beautiful... ! Are you a reason for someones smile too ?


Remember when you said you loved me, and I was always on your mind, now you say you never think of me, and want to leave our love behind...   Remember our love was...

One Toe in Reality

Have at least one toe in Reality. Wise Words by Terry D. Pickron

The heart is blind if not led by the Mind

Wherever you go, take your Mind along. Wise words by Terry D. Pickron


The fight that doesn't let sleep. Sleepless by Terry D. Pickron