Simone Wright

As a respected authority on Intuitive Intelligence, Innovation, and Creativity, Simone Wright is an internationally valued expert on the power of the human spirit and its massive potential for evolutionary intelligence and groundbreaking ingenuity. She is a highly respected Intuitive consultant, an award-winning entrepreneur and globally collected artist who has become the highest selling artist of her kind in the world. She is also an author and sought after speaker who is quickly gaining a reputation as the 'Evolutionary Mind Coach' for Elite Performers and Visionary Leaders. Simone's client list includes the top achievers and emerging talents in a broad field of specialties that cover a spectrum of private and public enterprises. From police and law enforcement personnel and health and wellness providers to Hollywood entertainers, business CEO's and groundbreaking Entrepreneurs; all have benefited from Simone's' precise intuitive vision, open-hearted direction and a keen sense of mission.

A Mystical Perspective on the U.S. Elections – All the World is a Stage

Ahhh, such theater. Shakespeare himself could not have written a better story. In these days leading up to the election here in the United States, where it seems that sheer madness is unfolding, we are reminded of the words of the mystical bard himself, ‘That all the world is a stage, and we are merely players.’

The Four Levels of Intuition – Recognizing the Voice of your Highest Wisdom

Learning to develop and trust our intuitive intelligence is more important now than it ever has been before.