S. Priya


Colours The colour of life is the colour of maturity. The colour of love is a union of souls captivated for eternity. 


Spiritualism is less about religion and more about ethical values. 

Summary Of Life

Summary Of Life Life is a summary of you. Life is a journey from you to you. Life is a collection of memories. Life is a balance

The Stars Always Shine Through

The Stars Always Shine Through The brightness of the sun hides the beauty of the twinkling stars during the day.

True Love

Love blossoms even in the midst of wars, True love will accept you as a whole, Your beauty, and even the scars, On your body or the soul. 

The Seed

In a place unknown, In the world somewhere, The little seed became a sapling; By the grace of Lord and mother nature's care.

Pollution Of Mind

The pollution of the mind is more vulnerable than the pollution of the environment. 

My Worth

To get the vibrant wings, to reach the sky. The sky stands still but I won't, We can walk along if you feel my worth. 

The Power Of Negative Thoughts

The Power Of Negative Thoughts One negative thought a day washes your all positivity away. 

Dear Oceans

Dear oceans, Take me with you to somewhere deep, Where we could talk in silence. As both of us never sleep,


Silence has more words than sound; that's why silence in relationships opens the door to escape. 

True Love

True love is a myth, which compromises the actual facts of life.