Rode Albino

A girl with big dreams and full of wonders.

Ephemeral is something I don’t seek

I like riding the bus alone and walking to my home, watching the lilac sky. I talk a lot but I still put headphones and have my lunch alone

I’m Lonely but I’m fine with it

You learn how to live and love others without losing yourself, and that is  the most important lesson you can ever learn.

Cool Change

I hope you learn to give love to that person you are seeing in a mirror, give yourself love

In Sane

they can’t tell me that I have a neurological problem becauseyou keep me’re the one that keeps me relaxed when angst creeps all through me.

Always Choose Her, Not Me

if there is someone who will come between us, do not bother to think, just choose her., Always Choose Her, Not Me

To the one who awakened my sleeping heart, but left me alone afterward.

You're like the storm that made a significant impact on me, something no waves nor tsunamis can ever wash away.

I Am a Reader

Not everyone can feel and understand things as deeply as a reader can.

Taken for Granted

People are liars. They tell you how important you are to them yet their actions tell the other way. They are selfish and annoying.Taken for Granted

Wake me Up!

I want to grow up, I want to see what other people from different countries see, I want to know why they say that life is beautiful, I want to go to school,


Have you ever felt so conflicted about life,  waking up is both a blessing and a curse? Mask