Life is a fragment of our own imagination and an interface with so many possibilities. 

Memory Lane

Whenever I am down, sad or depressed, I don't look at the mirror but rather I go through old pictures down memory lane to see how far I have come,


Life is beautiful,  it depends on the way we tend to view it. 


Everybody is a background to a story... 


Happiness can be counted with moments but pain, no words will be enough to explain it. 

Broken And Damaged

A person that is broken has a second chance in trying to fix the pieces together, (hope) while a damaged person has been lost to the world, they can't be reverted. 

I Need My Voice To Be Heard

I Need My Voice To Be Heard I write not because I want the world to know me but because I needed my voice to be heard. 


If you withhold important information from a child, someone else will use that information to turn the child against you. Everything you say or once said will be doubted. 

Raging Storm

Someone once asked me, why I write.  My response was,  "It is the easiest way to pour out the raging storm trapped in a teardrop".

Pain Is A Part Of Life

Pain doesn't just heal with time. It makes us pretend for a while that it never happened. It's something that can never go away because it's a part of life's experience. 


I want to take in as much air that I can because I don't know when it will be my last. 

My Pain

The pain and tears in me can wreck and sink a ship.