If you withhold important information from a child, someone else will use that information to turn the child against you. Everything you say or once said will be doubted. 

Raging Storm

Someone once asked me, why I write. My response was, "It is the easiest way to pour out the raging storm trapped in a teardrop".

Pain Is A Part Of Life

Pain doesn't just heal with time. It makes us pretend for a while that it never happened. It's something that can never go away because it's a part of life's experience. 


I want to take in as much air that I can because I don't know when it will be my last. 

My Pain

The pain and tears in me can wreck and sink a ship. 


You can acquire all the knowledge in this world and still lack common sense. 


Words are only useful when it's understood. 

Being Free

If you have not experienced the dark side, you will never understand what it means to be free. 


If you truly pay attention to what people say, there is always a hidden voice begging to be heard. 


I was in an empty space when I met you. I felt a void that needed to be filled but ended up in a black hole. 


Depression is not a sickness but a disease that has a cure, That's Love and Support. There is an underlying voice that needs to be heard. 


Life is like a voyage with so many obstacles. Some swim, while others sail just to get to the shore.