Nita Joshi


The poetry of thoughts, the game of life, the harbinger of love, the messenger of God, Yes, it's you whom I am referring to.


Love is lost in its own destiny, Fate is found in my own hands, Decision lies in my mind, Implementation is a matter of time.

Enduring Your Love

Enduring Your Love Loving You is a suffering in disguise, Enduring this pain is a blessing in disguise. Feeling Your presence in Your absence

Desires And Happiness

Desires And Happiness Life is a tragedy, whose trajectories lie in desires and wealth of unlimited wants. What one desires is not what always gets fulfilled

I Stand Alone

I stand alone, I stand on my own. Yes, I am miserable, Yes, I am crying. I will not hold on to You, I will not bow down to my whims.

Thoughts For You Only

Only Random scribblings, Random thoughts, True feelings, Misguided notions, Random expressions. I am beautiful with Your thoughts,


Question The way you see me has made me see the world with more brightness, The way you touch me to make me feel my own soul.


Feelings cannot be cultivated; Love cannot be created; Hatred cannot be imbibed. It takes a great deal to realize what one actually feels.

A Thought For You

A Thought For You You are my strength, You are my weakness, You are my light in the darkness...The more I am with you, The more I am in love with you

Life, God and Love

Life is a game. A game in which everyone feels he/she will be the winner at the end of every throw of the dice of luck- luck that only God decides.

Love, Emotions, And Silence

Love Emotions And Silence Is it possible to translate every thought, every emotion into words?And even if it is possible, why should emotions be translated.