Jerneja Cmager

Freelance writer who spent most of her early twenties living and working abroad. Based in Austria now. 

We Believe What We Decide To Believe

Because we believe what we decide.

Compete With No One But Your Mirror Reflection

It`s not about how fast you are going to add a new mark like marriage or first child on your timeline. It has never been about that.

Take a walk in my shoes

So what it is like to be in my shoes, your shoes or anybody else`s shoes at all?Take a walk in my shoes. The Minds Journal

Life Is For Living

Life Is For Living.

Embargo on bad vibes

It`s good to be straight with someone who went too far with you but it`s also okay to let it go. For good. 

A letter to my younger self

Have you ever caught yourself thinking what would you say to your past self?