Neha Srivastava

Writing is a late boon into my life which is healing me from within. I am a deep thinker who has found solace in the lap of words. I write and as words keep flowing I feel more powerful. As my thoughts shape into words, my inner self is at peace. Such is the power of words I strongly feel. Destiny has showered me the gift to draw inspiration from my surroundings and I feel happy as I shape my thoughts into words. With this book of poetries I would like to pass on the power and magic of words to your world as well. I would be elated if my writings inspire you in a positive and meaningful way.

I Am A Woman

I am a woman, I should be timid - they say.I am a human, I know no limit - I say. My existence is not meant for your judgment,


Demons Every morning, throughout the year, I hear demons in my head shouting loud around my ear; Lacing me with antagonism,

Mental Illness

Mental scars, depressed mood, and grief so extended, Why are all these left unattended? Are these not signs of mental illness?