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Dr. Monica Vermani, C. Psych., is a clinical psychologist specializing in treating trauma, stress, mood, and anxiety disorders, and the founder of Start Living Corporate Wellness. She is also a well-known public speaker, author, corporate wellness expert, and mental health advocate. A regular commentator to online and print media outlets, and TV, radio, and podcasts, including Forbes Magazine, CNN Healthline, Psychology Today, InStyle Magazine, Parade, Martha Stewart, Oprah Daily, and many others, Dr. Vermani’s latest book, A Deeper Wellness, Conquering Stress, Mood, Anxiety, and Traumas, is available worldwide, in print, eBook, and audiobook on Amazon or at
Think About It!, Dr. Vermani’s recent Ted X UofT talk about dealing with negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs will be released in the near future.