M Vossenaar


Sky People

Residing in a place where the universe speaks and we can listen.

Soul of Minds

My mind is the real creator of words.

Free But Trapped

Trapped and lost in an unknown world.

Creative Mind

Writing is the outcome of my creative mind.

Phone Kills

Solitude is needed to recharge yourself.

Finding Myself

The journey of finding myself.

Be you

The only people who impress me are the people who don't want to impress.-M.Vossenaar

Hey Mom and Dad

The biggest gift for an abandoned child from his parents is the struggle which leads to inner growth ~ 'm. Vossenaar. The Minds Journal

PTSD. From Surviving to Thriving

The invisible wounds cannot be seen by anyone else.

Synchronicity : Change your perception – Bend the projection

Coincidences with bizarre timings will come your way at just the right time, don’t they? You’ve experienced this yourself, haven’t you?