Lifeline Creations by Tanu©

A Forever Love’s Letter

A Forever Love's Letter...

Our love runs through my veins..
They tangle and untangle but the flow of your love remains the same.



A scene of each of my mornings, on the streets and in the office corridors… on each path and at each gate. The world is running, no patience to wait.. Willing to crash and collapse, but hush! They won’t pause and wait..   A traffic signal, “Grr… to drill me, …

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Dear Ray Of Lightening Hope

Dear Ray Of Lightening Hope.Pass through me, and crack my soulTrapped in the human body, is a spirit of gold.

Bewitched by Love

Bewitched I follow, into His realm, for my desire to be His Lady Luck! A poem written by Lifeline Creations by Tanu©2017

Beyond The Bounds

Beyond The Bounds. No matter how sturdy may be the caging restraints, freedom always finds its own way.. free to believe and free to hold faith..

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