Wounds Into Wonders

When you turn the wounds into wonders.

Be Aware

Most of the people around you are acting to be close with you just to closely watch how you bleed.Don't get fooled in the name of love or friendship

Long Distance Bonds

Though we are far away,Every Day and Night I'll be like the mirror and show your Beauty to you and also to the World",said the Sea to the Sky

You Need to Love

You need to love your reflection in the mirror Beyond that You also need to love Your divine spirit,your soul,which you cannot see in the piece of glass.

Quiet People

Oceans are big,with the sound of waves We are aware of it's depth and we think everytime before stepping into it.Lakes are calm

Important People of your Life

Everyone cannot read your mind and heart Few may read but can't understand it Few can understand but won't respect itIf you find

Being a MAN in this society is not easy

Stop Judging and Labelling Men,Being a MAN in this society is not easy

Life Lessons

Life has taught me all the lessons I need the most To be free in who I amTo be positive,fearless and To not care when things don't go my way.


Winning the hearts of all people is an impossible game But winning the minds and earning even your enemy's respect is possible.

Inner Soul

Sometimes people who you trust more,will leave you in darkness,At that oddest moment you will finda righte ,ous soul who will guide you through the darkness


In a World where everyone judge and call each other an unfinished art Be with someone who calls you A Masterpiece..........