Jeremy E. Sherman Ph.D., MPP

Adjunct Professor, Rhetoric and Language, University of San Francisco I have a Ph.D. in evolutionary epistemology, and a masters in Public Policy. Call it my middle-age spread, I'm all over the life and social sciences. I've taught college level psych, sociology, English, Western Civ, cultural studies, business strategy, advertising. I'm part of a research team developing an new theory on the origins of life.

The Absolute Narcissist’s Playbook: 60+ Tricks For Pretending They Win

Are you tired of a narcissist's toxicity, and cheap tricks, and want to know how their mind works? Then you should take a look at a narcissist's playbook.

Egonomics: The Supply of and Demand for Ego-Feed

EGONOMICS : How much affirmation do you need and How much do you get. The Supply of and demand for ego feed