Jane Adams Ph.D.

Writer,Coach & Social Psychologist.Jane Adams has been researching and reporting on how American families respond to social change for over three decades. A graduate of Smith College, she studied at the Seattle Psychoanalytic Association and the Washington (DC) Psychoanalytic Foundation and has published 13 books and over 100 essays, articles and columns in  national magazines and newspapers including the New York Times.

Family Estrangement: How Grown-Ups Pull Away From Toxic Families

Do you ever feel like you had a very normal relationship with your children, but when they became adults, estrangement happened?

10 Reasons Why Your Grown Kids Don’t Like You

Wonder why they’re not coming home for the holidays? Upset because they never return your letters, calls, or texts? Are the kids you always wanted to be your friends not only decidedly unfriendly but also still upset because of something you don’t even remember?

Can the Dual Gaze Reconcile a Broken Relationship?

Prolonged eye contact may also initiate changes in the relationship between people who were formerly close.