Isiaka Bushrah

Keeping Emotions Inside


Keeping your emotions all inside doesn’t make you superficially strong,and making it flow within you doesn’t make you miserably weak.

Love, Affection And Attention

Love Affection Attention

You might proudly take the love, affection, and attention shown to you for granted. Verily, you will soon realize how naked you were,

A Time Will Come

A Time Will Come

A time will come, When she will need no difficulty in leaving the Circus you’ve watched her play. A time will come, When the jest on your face



From every broken part. I am a phoenix whose destructions beget strength and rebirth. A Phoenix that rises from its own ashes. 

Hear My Pleas Cupid


Hear My Pleas Cupid Yet Cupid couldn’t listen to my pleas but rather thrust deeper the arrow into my once iced heart

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