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I’m a perfectly imperfect woman. I question everything, EVERYTHING! I’ve always been to much. I’m to emotional, I’m to intense, I’m to much on most days. I’m so damn empathetic that it drives me nuts on most days! What can I say… I’m a Scorpio and like most water signs my emotions run deep and my passion is like a raging ocean. I’m simply just another person trying to heal and overcome the pain that life has thrown my way. One way I do this is by spilling my thoughts and feelings out on paper where my mind and heart always feel comfortable to open up.



I’m a artist who specializes in resin pieces. I also work with minerals and crystals by creating metaphysical pieces. I have a Associate of Applied Science degree and was a Certified Surgical Tech for many years. Now I focus more on the chemistry of all things this wonderful universe has created. I study astrology and religion and the correlation of the two. I enjoy rock hounding, hiking, lapidary work, and anything artistic my curiosity draws me to.