Frank Sonnenberg

Frank is an award-winning author. He has written six books and over 300 articles. Frank was recently named one of America's Top 100 Thought Leaders and one of America's Most Influential Small Business Experts. Frank has served on several boards and has consulted to some of the largest and most respected companies in the world. Additionally, FrankSonnenbergOnline was named among the 'Best 21st Century Leadership Blogs', among the 'Top 100 Socially-Shared Leadership Blogs', and one of the 'Best Inspirational Blogs On the Planet. Frank's new book, 'BookSmart: Hundreds of real-world lessons for success and happiness' was released November 2016

Life Lessons: The Importance of Storytelling

Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned. Are You Passing Your Life Lessons To Others?