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Vicky is a writer, author, psychologist and a social activist. He is also a Professional, Ethical, Insightful, Honest & Non-Judgmental Psychic Astrologer of spectacular prowess who relies on his Psychic abilities and Intuition using Vedic Astrology, Face Reading, Palmistry, and Tarot as his core divination therapy.





Vicky has served as an Advisor and Consultant to many Celebrities and Clients in India and abroad for the last 15 Years. His guidance seekers are from India, UK, USA, SA, SEA, Australasia and Europe. He is renowned for his genuine and accurate and 100% confidential predictions.He is an Internationally recognized Psychic Astrologer and His guidance and solutions have helped thousands to resolve issues regarding their job, career, business, relationships, love life, sex, marriage, children, wealth and property, and make it easier for them to make better choices in life, helping them to connect to happiness at all times.