Danielle Rene

Danielle Rene is an inspirational writer. Her areas of interests include television/film, fiction short stories, children's literature and lifestyle/personal essays. She considers herself southern, like sweet tea, but has fallen in love with Brooklyn, New York. A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Journalism School, she has appeared in several online publications including Huffington Post Women, For Harriet, xoJane, MyBrownBaby, Blavity, Clutch and Madame Noire. Her first published essay will hit stores in early 2017 as part of an anthology on absentee fathers. Danielle's writing focuses on finding the lessons in all the things that make us laugh, cry and cuss.

10 Ways To Support A Friend Who Is Suffering With Depression

Here are a few things you can do and keep in mind to support your friend through this rough period.