Daniela Ciobanu

I am a hopeless romantic. I aspire to inspire people by my example. I want to be a healer and to make others avoid painful experiences. Also, I want to be a role model when talking about unconditional love and trust.

One Day

One day, she's gonna question her own value and will be unsure about her worth. Love her a little extra on those days. She will need reassurance.

Who Am I?

Who Am I? I am a sensitive soul, I can say that I'm more soul than flesh. I've trusted people because I was hoping that they have a heart like mine,


She has built an empire of walls around her. And wanted it to be broken by someone who'll care. She wanted to be taught that she's not a burden,

I’m Yours

The day when you told me I'm yours, was the day when the stars poured out love, the sun smiled, and the moon danced in the heart of the universe.

You Are Enough

You Are Enough Why wasn't I enough? When you have gone through many situations that have changed you, you keep continuously asking yourself

Who Is A Woman?

In fact, who is a woman? She is made of, with, and by love. She fills her house with light and coziness. She keeps silent when she has so much to say.

Can You Just Stay?

Can you just stay? Others may leave me, but please, you, you don't do this. Others may lie to me. Please be the only one that isn't lying to me

What Makes A Woman Beautiful?

The shooting stars from her dreams and the way she walks when you hold her hand. Love, love, and again love makes a woman beautiful.

My Soul Is Worn

Sometimes my soul is worn, And I find the relief nowhere. Regrets are standing like a thorn, And I can't find the strength to bear.


Biography She is both shy and brave. She will make clear her point of view in front of a crowd but will keep the silence in front of only one person.

Another Biography

Another Biography I'm an empath. I like seeing people who are smiling. I may seem fragile, and I am. I like people who are walking down the street

Your Promise

I don't want your blind forever promise.