Alexis Karpouzos is a Greek Spiritual Teacher, Poet and Author, Founder of the International Community of Learning, Research and Culture in Greece. Our goal is to create a spiritual experience in consciousness worldwide, where people recognize that we are all part of an interconnected whole. The Community's activities include residential courses and conferences. The Community also runs discussion groups, social activities, art workshops, produces events, publishes books and videos in Greece.

The Song Of Love

Ringing as a heavenly gong the holy song,The song of love wherewith even hell,Had thrilled and the grief ignites.

Maybe, Just Maybe

And maybe, just maybe, in another heaven,My dreams will be your dreams.You see, everything repeats itself,

Face To Face

Face to face, earth, and heaven, eternal lovers,Talking to each other through the light.Infinite distance between them,

Love Was Born

Love was born and set the worlds alight.

Our Existence Has No End

In every dimension of time, our existence has no end.

You Came Into This World

You came into this world to find your way.