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Why hate everyone what to do about it

Do you think socializing is a BIG waste of time? Do people appear shallow and superficial to you? I am not the greatest fan of socializing due to my innate hatred for people. I know I hate everyone and if you are somewhat like me, then it is likely that you have also wondered “Why do I hate everyone?”.

Hatred is a strong word

Why do I hate everyone
Why You Hate Everyone And What To Do About It

For some of us, interacting with others can feel like a chore that we would rather skip than enjoy. I have personally realized that spending – rather investing – emotions, energy, and time on people is a risky gamble that I would rather refrain from. People have never given me anything other than heartbreak, emotional pain, and sorrow. Granted, there are several other reasons why I, and others like me, hate people, it all comes down to hurt. Hatred is always born out of pain.

None of us are born to hate. That was never our default setting. But as we grow up and go through the different phases of life, we become so mentally and emotionally eroded that we would rather stay alone than be with anyone who shows even an ounce of toxicity. Now I’m not saying this is a healthy or even preferable way to live your life. Everyone is imperfect and we are all dealing with our own issues, I get that. But there are people like me who just hate ‘people’.

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But why? Why do I hate everyone? Explaining and understanding this hatred for others might not be simple and straightforward. In fact, it can be a lot more complicated that we think it should be. So let’s take a deep dive into this phenomenon of hating everyone and find out what we can do to change such a corrosive attitude.

Why do I hate everyone?

So what does it mean when you hate everyone? Well, it may mean that your mentality and attitude is being governed by certain factors that you are unaware of. Although hurt and emotional pain can be the core reason why you may think you hate people, if you keep asking yourself “why I hate everyone” then there’s more to this than meets the eye. 

If you are wondering “why do I hate everyone”, then here are some reasons you should know about –

1. Stress

Yes, all of us are stressed. But some of us are stressed more than others, while some of us are less equipped to deal with the said stress. This can easily complicate how you feel about and interact with others.

Stress can often lead to strong negative thoughts and emotions like anger which can cause feelings of resentment, bitterness and hatred. Chronic stress can make us irritable, anxious and overwhelmed which can make us impatient and less tolerant of others. All these emotions can result in frequent angry outbursts, conflicts and arguments making you feel like you hate others. Studies show that psychosocial stress “may elicit a range of emotions, including feelings of anger and fear.”

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2. Social phobia

Some people are just afraid of other people and they mask their fear with anger and hatred. Social phobia or social anxiety disorder refers to an intense fear of social interactions and situations. Someone with social phobia may feel seriously nervous, overwhelmed, anxious and distressed when they have to interact with others. Social anxiety is “characterized by excessive fear of embarrassment, humiliation, or rejection when exposed to possible negative evaluation by others when engaged in a public performance or social interaction.

So if you are asking yourself “why do I hate everyone?”, then it just might be due to your anxiety, which may make you feel anger and hatred towards others when compelled to socialize or interact with others. Moreover, people with social anxiety tend to believe that others hate them, so you may start hating others before they hate you in order to protect your ego and self-esteem. 

3. Low self-esteem

Ah yes, low self-esteem. The destroyer of relationships and lives. Poor self-esteem keeps you on the edge all the time, as if you always need to fight to prove your worth to others, and to yourself. You feel you are the absolute worst of the lot and you need to keep others from finding out the truth about you. So you lie, manipulate, fight, hate and avoid people to protect your feeble ego. Sounds sad, I know, but the truth is not always pretty, right?

Low self-esteem makes you afraid of people – afraid that they will reject or abandon you, afraid that they will know you are not worth their attention, afraid that they will see the real you. Your insecurities about yourself makes you believe that it is better to hate others before they start hating you. At least this can help you protect yourself from getting hurt or facing rejection…again. 

Low self-esteem makes you feel irritable, vulnerable, impulsive, angry and aggressive. When you are constantly afraid that people around you will find out about your insecurities, you start to hate them so that no one can challenge the false social image or reputation you have built. So you tell yourself that others are mean and hurtful, and it is best to stay away from them.

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