12 Sad Things That You Should Learn To Be Grateful For Instead

Sad Things Should Learn Grateful Instead

The best thing you can do in any situation is to be as authentic and honest as possible. You never want to maintain a relationship by forcing yourself to be someone that you are not. By being your authentic self, you will always draw people with similar passions to you and repel those who have a lack of interest.

Want to know more about why you should learn to be grateful? Check this video out below:

Learn to be grateful

11. Abandoned as a child.

The feeling of rejection is one of the most difficult feelings to grapple with. It is why people fear public speaking more than they fear death. The fear of rejection is also why people hate cold calling and dislike sales in general.

Everyone likes to feel wanted and accepted for who they are. When your parents abandoned you early in your life, it is something that many people cannot overcome.

While the result may not have been what you would have done, consider the possibility that you were raised in a better environment than your parents would have provided. If that was not the case, your children will benefit from your promise to never abandon them.

Sometimes sad things happened in our lives and there is nothing we could have done about it. Yet, the experience enables you to understand the importance of shielding your children from the feeling of abandonment.

12. No luck having kids.

You grew up in a big family and your dream is to have a big family of your own. As you have noticed with the sad things we have discussed so far, life does not always go as we plan. Having difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a baby to full-term is tough on everyone.

The good news is there are a lot of kids in the world who need your love. Whether you travel down the road of adoption, or you choose to volunteer your time as a mentor. You still have the ability to significantly impact the life of a child and they will love you for it.

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Final Thoughts

There is nothing anyone can do to avoid sad things occurring in their life. Sad things are going to happen whether you are chasing your dreams or playing it safe. The best thing you can do is to give yourself the opportunity to live your dream life by taking risks. These risks may not always work out as you intended, but they will always place you exactly where you need to be.

As I always say, be content in results, not complacent in effort. As long as you did your best, you can be grateful for the experiences, no matter where they take you.


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Written By Undre Griggs   
Originally Appeared In Lifehack

Life will always throw tricky curveballs at you, to see how well-equipped you are to handle them the right way and learn all the important lessons. But, when you learn to be grateful for every little thing, be it good or bad, that’s half the battle won. The more you learn to be grateful, the stronger you get, and the more you appreciate life for what it is.

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