30 Important Life Lessons I’ve Learned In The First 30 Years Of My Life

30 Important Life Lessons I’ve Learned In The First 30 Years Of My Life

Irrespective of how much we try to plan and control our lives every year, life happens on it’s own pace and in its own way. We are merely shaped by the challenges and opportunities life presents to us. Even though we may not be able to control the outcome but we can definitely focus on our efforts and learn all the valuable life lessons, life wants us to learn.

It’s that time of the year again. I spent my last birthday at Java in Indonesia in a beautiful sanctuary in the vicinity of Borobudur which is a breath-taking Buddhist temple from the 9th century.

This year, as I’m typing these words, I sit in a spacious wooden cabin in the middle of the forest in Finnish Lapland. From the living room, I gaze at the trees and sunbeams penetrating through the windowpane. It’s peaceful here, and it’s also the best gift I can receive.

I have a ritual each year to spend my birthday in a new place which is surrounded by nature. So I can meditate outside and soak in the wisdom of the place. I believe that on the day of our birthday, we can tap into the energy and life lessons of our whole lifetime. When we sit quietly, we have an opportunity to embody the wisdom of the previous years. Thus, I don’t throw parties for my birthday. Or really, any other day.

Thus I’d like to inspire you to reconnect with yourself on the magical day of your birthday.

I enjoy aging; it offers the gift of wisdom and experiences which are both invaluable. Last year, I wrote an article about 29 life lessons I learned in 29 years. I didn’t reread them, so I don’t get influenced and repeat what I wrote previously.

Because each year shifts and forms the way we think, and in one year we become a new better version of ourselves. The last year was full of new experiences, every day I grew deeper into my soul. (Yes, I believe that we become more of our soul until one day we can embody it entirely.)

The 30 Life Lessons I learned in 30 years

1. When you’re busy, slow down.

Slowing down when we feel busy may sound counterintuitive at first. Our mind wants us to believe that if we don’t keep moving, the whole world will collapse. Well, it will not.

The feeling of stress and being busy is a condition of mind. We bend the perception of time and space and speed it up with inner anxiety. The more we invest in believing that there isn’t enough time, the faster the time flies.

On the contrary, when we slow down and refuse to be a victim of time, we create more of it.


2. The biggest magic happens when I am.

The mind tries to keep us busy with thinking, analyzing, rationalizing, and planning. How many people are constantly in their minds?!

While all the magic happens when we simply are. It’s not a coincidence that we receive inner guidance and moments of sudden realization when we let things go and enjoy a walk in a forest.

We’re multilayered beings. Our mind is one of the layers, but it’s not who we’re. We’re so much more. Even better, we can tap into it when we lay down on the grass, gaze the stars, breathe in the fresh air, enjoy a hot bath, or go running.

Creating the “Me time” on a daily basis is what keeps the inspiration and intuition flowing in. The higher realms can reach us when we create space for them.

Counter-intuitive Life Lessons That are full of wisdom

3. I can’t help anyone by lowering my vibrations.

As an empath, I used to feel into others so much that I lowered my vibration to comprehend their problems. It felt natural, and we’ve all heard that we should be there for others, always helpful and kind.

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