Understanding The Seven Layers Of The Human Aura: Their Functions and Meanings

Seven Layers Of Human Aura

The human aura is an energy field encompassing our physical form. Comprising seven distinct layers, these layers of human aura influence our physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual states.

What is Human Aura?

An aura typically refers to an electromagnetic field of energy that surrounds all living beings. Experts and psychics claim that the human aura can be seen as a luminous, colorful body that surrounds our physical body and consists of different layers.

Each layer represents different aspects of the physical and spiritual self. As our aura is an extension of our living presence, everything from trees to animals has an energy field around them, explains Healthline.

This energy field can expand and contract depending on our health, mindset, mood, behavior, and actions. This energy field is often explained as a transparent enclosure of light that surrounds us from head to toe.

According to spiritual beliefs, our aura tends to be ovoid and is usually narrow at the feet but wide at the head. We radiate this energy while interacting with others and it can make others either relaxed or uncomfortable. This is considered as a reaction of others to the energy we omit.

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Understanding The Seven Layers Of The Human Aura: Their Functions and Meanings
The Seven layers of The Human Aura

What are the Auric Layers?

The human aura has seven primary layers and is located one inside the other. These are influenced by our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical states. The auric layers radiate outwards from our physical bodies.

The first level or layer is nearest to our body, while the 7th layer is farthest away from our physical body. The different layers relate to one of the major seven chakras and can impenetrable other layers and our physical form.

The layers transmit vital information to the external environment through our chakra energy centers. Each specific layer has a distinct vibration which becomes stronger as it moves outwards with the outer layers having the highest vibrations. 

Although there are more than seven layers, only the primary ones are important as they correspond to the 7 main chakras or energy centers of our body. Depending on our phase in life, the layers of the human aura also vary in size and depth.

When you are mentally and physically healthy, each layer of energy field can become very bright and large, spanning several feet. However, our auric field can be weak and small when we are unhealthy, either mentally or physically.

The layers with even numbers tend to be fluid while the ones with odd numbers are more structured, which helps to harmonize and balance our energy. It is believed that the 3 lesser astral layers that help to build our personality are connected to our physical form, which appears at birth and dissipates at the time of death.

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7 Layers of Human Aura

The 7 layers of the human aura are mentioned and described as follows –

1. Etheric layer

This is the first layer and is related to the root chakra. The Etheric body enables our physical form to sustain by acting as a bridge between our physical self and other “subtle bodies.”

Being nearest to our physical body, the first layer spans almost 2 inches from our skin and outlines the entire body. Consisting of minute energy channels, known as ‘nadis’, it radiates energies to our physical consciousness from the higher bodies. This layer is highly dense as it is the closest to the physical state.

However, its vibration is higher than our physical body. This layer is connected with both internal and external conditions, such as thoughts, emotions, lifestyle, and immediate environment. The Etheric body is related to our health and vitality and complements our physical life and well-being.

Here are some of the most common features of the first layer:

  • Closest to our physical state
  • Related to the physical body, organs, glands, muscles, bones etc
  • Associated with the Muladhara or root chakra
  • Has a greyish blue color
  • Vibrates at 15-20 cycles per minute
  • Can be easily observed with practice
  • Strongest in people who are physically active, weakness in people who are unhealthy or have a sedentary lifestyle 

This first level is in constant motion. Although most people are unable to see it, this is usually the first thing practitioners and psychics see when they start observing auras. You can stimulate the Etheric body by practicing yoga (pranayama), Taoist yoga, chi kung, tai chi, etc.

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