Zodiac Pairs That’re The Most Passionate and Powerful Together

Zodiac Pairs That're The Most Passionate and Powerful Together


(7) Libra-Gemini:


The Libra is a born-diplomat. They can easily resolve conflicts. While loneliness disturbs them, they don’t gel with people who lack intellect. Always curious, the Libra enjoys meeting people and learning about them. Gemini is ideal for them. Both of them are extremely articulate and are drawn to each other because of this communication skill and intellect. Libra’s stability also helps the Gemini to stay rooted to the ground. The unimaginative Virgo is not at all compatible with the Libra. Rather, they turn them off the most.


(8) Scorpio- Pisces:


The tough and callous Scorpio is extremely emotional and revengeful. Whatever they do, they do with passion. They are aggressive and dominant when it comes to their romantic partners. When Pisces bonds with a Scorpio, none can beat them. They are those matches that are in heaven. While the Scorpio understands the emotional Pisces, it is the submissive nature of Pisces which makes the Scorpio utilize their passion and intensity to their fullest. They form a very intuitive couple together. The superficial Aries wards both of them off.


(9) Sagittarius-Aquarius:


If one thing the Sagittarius hates most…that’s staying in one place! The free-bird Sagittarius is born to travel. They need the freedom to survive. Be it in a relationship or in life, they will need to experience a new thing literally every day. If anyone wishes to tie them down, they are going to fly away. Who else can understand this need better than the Aquarius? Equally craving freedom, the Aquarius will be able to bring stability in the relationship with their openness and love for adventures; there will not be any boring moment in the relationship. The Sagittarius would hate to be with a family-oriented homely Taurus.


(10) Capricorn-Virgo:


Capricorns are ambitious and dedicated. They know what they want from life and they are focused on achieving that. Even in relationships, they give their best which is also the reason, they try to stay away from it because they are scared of getting hurt. The well-disciplined Virgo understanding this and helps the Capricorn maintain the order. Both of them extremely focused and make a very well-disciplined family when they are together. The careless carefree Gemini is the worst match for a  Capricorn. 


(11) Aquarius-Libra:


Aquarius is probably the last man who will keep on protesting even when a gathering has been forced to disperse. If there’s any wrong, the Aquarius will protest. They are always for justice and can go at any length to efface inequality from this world. Libra’s desire for equality draws the Aquarius who gets a partner who will understand the exigency of their protest and help them in ways they can. Always demanding equality, they will give each other their due respect in the relationship too. However, the Cancer might find the Aquarius crazy when it comes to protests where the Aquarius is remotely connected. So, it will not be possible for them to gel together.


(12) Pisces –Capricorn:


Pisces and Capricorn are two opposite poles attracting each other. The dreamy, creative Pisces will draw the earthly Capricorn towards it and their strong faith in achieving their dreams will inspire the Capricorn too. While Pisces will make sure the Capricorn enjoys creative moments, the Capricorn will keep the Pisces rooted to the ground when they are sailing too deep in the abysmal ocean. Pisces always stay away from Virgo who can’t understand their dreamy nature.

Which one of these are you?

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Zodiac Pairs Which Are The Most Passionate and Powerful Together
Zodiac Pairs That’re The Most Passionate and Powerful Together

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