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How To Break Monotony In Life: 35 Hacks To Make Life More Thrilling

How To Break Monotony In Life

Do you know what day it is? Or does Tuesday and Thursday feel the same? Are you stuck in an endless loop of doing the same things over and over and over again? Monotony can suck the life out of you leading to boredom, burnout, stress, addiction, and impaired mental health.

The curse of monotony

The despicable sound of the alarm intrudes your dreams and you regretfully wake up from your sleep. As you sit on your bed looking outside at the bright hopeful morning outside your window, you take a deep breath to gather yourself. You realize you can’t afford the time to sit calmly and prepare yourself for the day ahead. So you rush out of bed, run to the shower, get dressed as fast as you can, and leave your house, skipping breakfast yet again. You slog through traffic, cussing and cursing the rows of cars that block your way. You run to your office, and race to log in to your laptop. And finally, you can manage a few minutes to sit calmly and compose yourself. But before you know it, deadlines, meetings, project files, phone calls & emails take over and voila, your day is over. As you reach home at the end of the day, you can’t wait to crash into your bed, only to do the same thing again.

But somewhere deep down you feel something is not right. Something keeps irritating and annoying you, like that food that’s stuck in your teeth which you can feel with your tongue, but can’t pick out with your fingers. That thing is creating an ever growing void in your soul that you just can’t fill. And then you realize what that is – monotony. The sameness of the day. The repetitive daily grind that makes you feel like you are trapped in a time loop with no hope for escape. 

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The hopelessness of this monotonous life makes you feel drained and exhausted. I do admit that routine is important as it helps us stay disciplined and productive. But excessive reliance on routine can not only stifle our creativity and productivity but can make us feel suffocated. It can make days seem repetitive, uninteresting, and the same. You can’t remember what you did on Monday and what you did on Thursday cause it’s all the bloody same. Life seems like a looping blur of work, home, chores, weekend, and binge sessions on Netflix.

The curse of monotony and boredom
How To Break Monotony In Life: 35 Hacks To Make Life More Thrilling

Monotony is deadly

Monotony kills the spirit. It kills the soul. Living a monotonous life kills our happiness, enthusiasm, passion and drive to be our best self. It is normal to experience boredom and monotony when you are doing the same work and living the same life every single day. Monotony chokes our creativity and strangles our ability to think independently. Repetitive routines force us to go into an auto-pilot mode, mute our thoughts and emotions, and prevents us from reaching our goals. And the worst part is most of the time we are unaware of how monotony is destroying our lives. 

Studies have found that subjective monotony can adversely affect job satisfaction, result in psychological distress and cause sickness absence in working individuals. Researchers explain that “Boredom and monotony are generally conceded to be negative factors that can have adverse effects on morale, performance, and quality of work,” and cause considerable stress. In fact, monotonous computer work for a prolonged duration is likely to increase our propensity to sleep, cause daytime drowsiness and mood shifts, which eventually affect our performance of the task at hand. Monotony and repetitiveness can lead to boredom which can have “potential negative consequences,” according to further research.

This is why it is crucial that we learn how to overcome monotony.

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How to break monotony in life

While routine is important in life, we also need to learn how to deal with the monotony of life. There are many ways we can overcome the mundane and make trivial tasks seem interesting by being more spontaneous & open. Here are a few ways to break the everyday monotony and add some spice into your life –

1. Say hello to change

How To Break Monotony In Life: 35 Hacks To Make Life More Thrilling
How To Break Monotony In Life: 35 Hacks To Make Life More Thrilling

Yes, change is scary, but change can also be exciting. One of the reasons why your life is riddled with monotony is because it is too predictable. There is no change from one day to the next. Change adds variety to your life and eradicates dullness. But that doesn’t mean you have to drastically change every single aspect of your life. Even the smallest changes in your routine, like reshuffling the order of your chores, can help you break the dull pattern of everyday life.

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