11 Psychological Hacks For Men To Become More Attractive

The mind knows that if you accept the fact that “It is possible to increase my desirability as a partner in life” then the next step is to take action. And action requires effort. And the effort is hard. Harder than sitting around all day, eating nachos, and playing video games (I mean, hey, unless you’re a pro gamer, in which case fuck yeah, keep up the hustle my dude).

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In short, just like any public company can become more valuable and trade for higher stock prices… and any product on the market can reiterate and improve itself… and an old beaten up car rusting away in someone’s backyard can receive a ton of TLC and become functional, street-legal, and even sexy… anyone can improve with enough dedication and will.


So, What Are You Up Against Really?

In a word: Entropy.

You are always battling entropy in life.

Everything in your life, in left unattended, will decay into a state of disorder, chaos, and ruin.

I don’t say this to be dramatic, but to be realistic.

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If you don’t feed yourself at all, eventually you will die.

If you don’t exercise your body at all, eventually it will cramp up, retaliate, and turn on you in progressively loud and obvious ways.

If you don’t add any value to the world (via your contributions, your character, your attitude, etc.) and you are constantly leaching energy from those around you, eventually this strategy will make your world small, limited, and miserable.

So you are always battling entropy.

You are battling the part of your mind that wants to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL.

And ultimately this laziness is really just a fear of life.

You are afraid to take up space… to put in the work… to be your biggest, baddest, boldest self. Because once you define goals, you can fail at them. When you define conditions for success, you can not achieve those and feel like a failure. So better to just sit back and do fuck all with your life, right? Wrong.

This is your life, and it is ending one day at a time.

Are you going to become bitter, or are you going to become better?

As always, the choice is yours alone. Because no one is coming to save you and do the work for you.


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