10 Strange Behaviors Of An Authentic Empath

Strange Behaviors Of Authentic Empath

7. You are hypersensitive

You can’t help it. Even if you know that the violence on the TV is enacted and make-belief you can’t watch it for more than a few seconds. You can’t turn a blind eye if you see an animal in pain. The same is the case for people.

If you see someone in pain, physical or emotional- you need to help. And if you cannot help because of some reason or the other, you will have to remove yourself from the situation. There is no other way.

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Empath Be like

8. Lies never work on you

One of the positive aspects of being able to sense the emotions of others is that they can never lie to you. They might put on the most convincing smile, but you know what is going on in their hearts.

At first, it might fill you with indignation a lot; especially because in most cases you can’t prove it that they are lying. However, with time you will learn to handle it better and prepare yourself against backstabbers and the likes.

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9. You have the gift of emotionally healing others

You know most people listen, but not all of them understand. An empath, however, understands exactly what is going on through someone’s mind. This is why they are such good emotional healers.

If you are an authentic empath you can greatly help others who need emotional healing. But before you offer them your gift, make sure they are worthy of it. There are enough people in this world who would make use of someone’s gift and then not hesitate even for a second to harm them.

10. You have a problem with downplaying your own problems

Lastly, you are so busy taking care of the rest of the world that you don’t care about yourself. You are always pushing your own problems away in favor of helping someone else. Moreover, you don’t give yourself enough time to heal and recuperate before you go to saving someone else.

If you don’t learn to take care of yourself, you will only end up burning out. Give yourself some importance, nobody else will.

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behaviours of an authentic empath
Strange Behaviors Of Authentic Empath Pin
10 Strange Behaviors Of An Authentic Empath

15 thoughts on “10 Strange Behaviors Of An Authentic Empath”

  1. Avatar of Melanie

    You are 100% correct. I have every single character trait you wrote about. As a small child I lived in a house that would cause me tremendous pain. Like something or someone was sharing there last painful moments on this planet with me. I ended up being sent to a children’s home because my family thought I was going crazy! It wasn’t until I was 17 did I find out I was an empath. And 2 months after that through my own research, I found out that the lady who owned the house 45 years before I grew up in, was viciously murdered and she was tortured by her captives for 3 days until they set her on fire to destroy the evidence. My family still refuses to validate that I am not suffering from a mental disease or phycological defect. I’m 38 now. And after years of feeling like I was a freak of nature. I now make a living helping out other empaths learn to deflect the affects of others emotional baggage that they could absorb and cause them to be depressed or have crippling anxiety attack and have no history of them. Being an EMPATH is a gift from GOD!!! Please don’t ever feel like your less than. Because you are actually a one in a million, human being that God blessed before you were ever born into this world. We are the true healers of the world.

  2. Avatar of Sam

    The reason I am now moving back to the countryside to build a small sustainable house. It does take time to learn how to protect yourself.


    This is me completely. People drain me, when I meet someone I can hear their thoughts and I k ow them. I feel deeply, I hurt deeply, I know what others are feeling and I share it to the point of being destroyed by so many at. The same time. I long to be living in the sun, quiet and peace….

  4. Avatar of Catherine Williams
    Catherine Williams

    Oh my goodness, this just described my life to the letter! I just thought i was a strange person.

  5. Avatar of Stacey

    Its important for empathy to latch on to an art form for self-expression. It allows your mind to have an outlet for pouring all the energy and emotions you’ve experienced and lowers stress. Then, you are more easily able to attend a ballgame, church, a party or whatever else that might come up. It asks I helps Empath tolzrate the less sensitive people in their family or friend circle as well.

    1. Avatar of Catherine Williams
      Catherine Williams

      l have always loved arts and crafts always content when i am creating something.

  6. Avatar of Victoria

    Yeah I do feel so much like it everyday buh l close it in l just don’t want to be judged by those around me

  7. Avatar of Rentia

    oh man I find it difficult to keep head above water. as a pharmacist working 12 hour shifts sometimes and listening to people’s health complaints and wanting miracle cures and complaints the whole day drains every bit of energy. I was born hypersensitive so most people don’t understand that I’m different and don’t function like them. my personal life is a mess. I neglect my partner cause of constant misunderstandings so now reading articles like this gives me the opportunity to learn to cope. tnx. I feel better knowing that there’s other people also struggling to cope

    1. Avatar of Paula

      Hi, hope you are keeping well! Just want to say hi as it’s nice to know I’m not alone here .

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