13 Signs You Have Negative Energy and How To Get Rid Of It

Signs Negative Energy Get Rid Of

If you’re not following your bliss regularly, you are likely to remain in the loop of negative thinking, sadness, anxiety, and depression. There are physical, emotional, creative, social interpersonal, benefits of hobbies. Engage in reading, writing, traveling, or anything that lights you up. You will gain a new perspective that will help you navigate your thoughts in a better way. With pleasurable opportunities, you will start to have a positive outlook towards life.

How to reverse it?

  • Change the way you schedule things 
  • Commit to short bursts of hobby-ing everyday
  • Find a partner who is interested in the same hobbies as yours
  • Take your hobby with you wherever you go 
  • Ditch the phone, when you busy with your hobbies

10. You have a low self-worth 

Do you believe you are unworthy of great good things in your life? You hold on to negative beliefs and opinions about yourself. Mostly, low self-worth stems from poor academic performance, unhappy childhood, and stressful relationships and life events. The negative energy in you doesn’t let you appreciate life’s blessings or things that are going in your favor.

Your self-respect and self-worth have to be stronger than your feelings.
13 Signs You Have Negative Energy and How To Get Rid Of It

Tips to improve self-worth

  • Start journaling to increase self-understanding. 
  • Accept your good, bad and ugly side.
  • Increase Self-love.
  • Recognize your self-worth.
  • Stop pleasing people and crowd-fitting.
  • Take full responsibility for everything that happens to you.
  • Realize that you don’t need to seek validation.
  • Recognize the power to change and influence the events and circumstances of your life.
  • Stimulate your crown chakra by using a soft, circular motion at the top of your head. Repeat five times aloud, “It is my birthright to be happy.”

11. You have trouble making friends

It’s your negative energy that is pushing your friends away. No matter wherever you go, only negative people pop up in front of you. You tend to have a lot of arguments with your existing friends and other friends don’t turn to you for help. 

How to start making friends?

  • Focus on the good in people 
  • Smile more
  • Let go grudges
  • Be a positive mirror for others
  • Be kind and grateful
  • Keep a positive attitude 
  • Meditate to clear out negative energy in you 
  • Adjust the vibes you give off, you will attract positive people in your life.

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12. You can’t seem to get organized

You don’t take care of yourself. Messy rooms, piled-up work, irritation, anger, impatience, exhautsion all reflect the negative energy and clutter in your mind and your messy life. You are so disorganized that promotions are passing you by.

How to stay organized?

  • Chant positive mantras.
  • Write positive thoughts in your diary. 
  • Declutter your physical space, it’s cathartic.
  • Set goals and accomplish them.
  • Practice mindfulness and meditation to clear the clutter in your mind 

13. Animals tend to shy away

Pets and kids don’t get along with you because you have negative energy. Animals have instincts and children have a keen sense of who is nice and who is not. They don’t shy away from you because you are a bad person, but because your energy levels are low. 

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How to reverse it?

  • Start with energy healing and chakra balancing
  • Practice good faith
  • Make yourself a priority
  • Let go toxic people from your life
  • Drop your ego

I hope you have got the signs you have negative energy in your life. There are various techniques that can help break through it, such as meditation, chakra balancing, chanting mantras, and working with a trained energy healer. Be consistent in your efforts to see the best results!

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Signs Negative Energy Get Rid Of pin
13 Signs You Have Negative Energy and How To Get Rid Of It
Negative Energy Get Rid Of
13 Signs You Have Negative Energy and How To Get Rid Of It
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