14 Signs You’re An Emotionally Intelligent Person

14 Signs You’re An Emotionally Intelligent Person

10. You Have An Empathetic Nature For Everyone.

When people talk to you about the struggles they’re currently experiencing, you can often feel and understand their pain, even if it’s something you haven’t personally experienced. You can imagine what it must be like for them and how this obstacle is affecting the rest of their life.

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11. You’re Somewhat Of A Social Chameleon.

You change your behavior based on who you’re with. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t genuine in your personality but that you’re aware of other people’s moods and you try to match their energy level so you’re on the same wavelength.

12. You Listen To Your Intuition And Let It Guide You When Making Tough Decisions.

As soon as you get that subtle hit of your intuition telling you something isn’t right you know you should listen to what your body is telling you and look a bit deeper into the situation before proceeding further.

13. You Don’t Have A Problem Saying “No Thanks” If You Need To.

As much as you understand other people’s desires and you want to help them out, you also understand what’s best for you and your situation. You’re not afraid of other people’s feelings and telling them no when you have to.

14. You Can Read People Well.

You have an inherent sense about people and understand what they want or what they’re thinking without them having to say anything directly about it. Through social cues and behaviors, you just get a feeling about things and know when someone is telling you something, even when they’re not saying anything at all.

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emotionally intelligent person
14 Signs You’re An Emotionally Intelligent Person

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  1. Avatar of Priya Sinha

    Emotional Intelligence is one thing and being “fake” is another. In my experience most people are just not receptive to honesty so “soft skills” in that context is more about being fake than being emotionally intelligent.

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