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25 Signs You Have a Wounded Inner Child and How to Heal

signs you have a wounded inner child and how to heal

7. Be your own protector and nurturer

As adults, it’s important that we take responsibility for our emotional well-being. Feeling safe in this world is extremely important and essential for our inner child to thrive. Signs that you feel unsafe in this world may include:

  • Constant anxiety around others
  • Tendency to worry excessively
  • Inability to trust others
  • Inability to trust yourself and your abilities
  • Feeling afraid to do things by yourself
  • Harsh criticism of yourself
  • Fear of trying new things or going to new places
  • Assuming the worst in every situation

If you can relate to the feeling of constantly ‘being on edge’ in the world and around others, I strongly recommend focusing on feeling safe with yourself. Constant self-criticism, ignoring your needs, lacking personal boundaries, always putting others above yourself, and changing yourself to be accepted all keep you in a fearful state of not feeling safe.

While our parents or guardians may not have fulfilled most of our needs (or any of our needs), the beautiful truth is that we can. The concept is strange, even foreign to us, but we can be our own parents!

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The benefits of re-parenting yourself?

  • Greater happiness and optimism
  • Improved creativity
  • Healthier mind, body, and soul
  • Stronger friendships and relationships
  • Development of essential life skills: acceptance, forgiveness, vulnerability, compassion, self-love

If you find it really hard to re-parent your inner child, seeking help from an inner child work familiarized therapist will be a wise investment. Therapists, after all, act as substitute parents. They can listen to and help coach your inner child, while supporting and strengthening your inner parent.

If you prefer to go solo, that is absolutely possible. However, please do seek out a support network if you can, whether online or in real life.

In order to be your own protector and nurturer, you need to create a clear ‘policy’ about what is and is not okay self-treatment. Focus on fostering self-love and acceptance each day. Listen to the needs of your mind, heart, body, and soul. Practice self-care.

Take time out for yourself. Eat food that nourishes you. Say no and draw clear boundaries. Reclaim your sovereignty over your life. Explore practices that support feeling safe. If need be, you can even go in search of a guardian angel or other spirit guide who can help you to support and nourish yourself.


Although we may have suffered misfortune as a child, it is never too late to re-live our childhoods and reconnect to that childlike side of ourselves.  When we take responsibility for our happiness in life, we have the power to feel safe, heal ourselves, and create greater wholeness. This gift can never be taken away from us.

I hope the exercises and practices I’ve mentioned in this article help support the healing process of your precious inner child by aiding you to feel safe.

Written by Aletheia Luna
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signs you have a wounded inner child and how to heal
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