How Do You Know If You Are An Indigo Child? Here Are 25 Characteristics

 July 18, 2017

How Do You Know If You Are An Indigo Child? Here Are 25 Characteristics

11. Maybe, you cannot control your anger. You do not lose your temper usually but when you do, it is impossible to control.

12. You may have trouble with the systems of society that are in a terrible condition. You just want these systems to be in place as you wish that the society moves forward. These systems can be the legal or the political or even the education system.

13. You may absolutely abhor politics and you may even make attempts to stay away from it. Perhaps, you think that politics does not make a difference in the world.

14. You aren’t a fan of the big American Dream. This means that you are critical of it and find faults in the idea.

15. You hate it when your rights are taken away from you. You react in an infuriated manner during such situations as you believe that rights make a human, human.

16. You wish to change the world and make it a better place to live in. As much as you want to do this, you don’t know the path using which you should do the same. Your aim is clear but you just have to settle on the path.

17. You may have a psychic interest or you may be very spiritually aware, right from your formative years. You may even have premonitions or dreams about the future. Also, you may be able to deal with ghosts and shadows. Spooky, right?

18. You don’t have a lot of role models in your life.

19. You have a very strong sense of intuition. You know what will happen and when will it happen. This intuition helps you deal with problems in a better way. Even your intuition about people is correct.

20. You may not be very focused on what you are doing. There may be a deficit of attention sometimes or your attention span may be really small. This means that you move from one topic to another and find it super hard to concentrate.

21. You may be extremely electrically sensitive.

22. You may be aware of the idea that there are parallel realities and you may know about them as well.

23. Your sex life has two extremes: either you are very good or you are completely bored. You may even try to experiment with your sexuality.

24. You seek deeper meaning and connections. Small talk is not your cup of tea. You want connections that are on a deep level and you want connections that enrich your life.

25. If you are able to find the right balance in life, you become very strong and happy.


Well, if you know the Indigo adult/ child around you, tell us about them. If you are one, do tell us how many characteristics that are mentioned above match with your personality.

We are keen to know about you. You are indeed a rare breed!


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