Freeing Yourself of the Lifelong Sadness You’ve Felt as a Sensitive Person

Freeing Yourself of the Lifelong Sadness You’ve Felt as a Sensitive Person

Free yourself of lifelong sadness as a sensitive person.

Today’s question is from Samantha in England. She asks:

How can I free myself from the deep sadness that I feel and have felt since I was a child?

She goes on to explain:

I have been told it’s depression that I’m suffering from and that it runs in the family. I’ve always felt like an outsider in life … like I live in a bubble. I’ve found out that I’m an empath and a Highly Sensitive Person. I have also suffered from chronic headaches and migraines since I was a child. I just feel like I don’t belong in this life.

Freeing Yourself of the Lifelong Sadness You’ve Felt as a Sensitive Person
Freeing Yourself of the Lifelong Sadness You’ve Felt as a Sensitive Person

In my time working with others and working on myself, I’ve learned that sensitive people – particularly emphatic and highly sensitive types – are more prone to emotional issues such as depression and anxiety because of the way they’re wired. I’ve personally experienced depression and anxiety frequently throughout my life and I have always found the root cause to lie in my finely sharpened senses which cringe at the slightest touch, sight, smell or taste and my highly sensitive emotional tuning which leaves me feeling delicate, high-strung and on-edge all the time.

The blessing and curse of being a sensitive person are that we can feel the world deeply, and while that includes feeling its immense beauty, magic, and love (the blessing), it also includes feeling the world’s darkness, cruelty and insanity (the curse). When we become too consumed on one side of the spectrum of life we suffer terribly. Without experiencing the beauty of life, we experience only darkness, and without experiencing the darkness of life, we experience a fabricated lie that leaves us unconsciously uneasy and neurotic.

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Where Does Deep Sadness Come From?

Deep sadness occurs in a person’s life for many reasons, ranging from tragedy to trauma, to chemical imbalance. But for the sensitive person, deep sadness is usually existential; in other words, it involves mourning the self and its relation to life, and life and its relation to the self.

It’s not uncommon for this deep sadness to begin awakening in childhood as the self begins to develop from a young age and starts to perceive itself as “separate” from others. I call this the fundamental core wound as it is at the very core of all our suffering in life. I will expand on this a bit later.

When we see ourselves as separate from everything, as isolated little islands that are different or somehow unequal to others, we begin developing emotional and psychological complexes. We start thinking thoughts such as, “I’m so different,” “I’m so weak,” “I wish I could belong somewhere,” “I wish I could feel at home,” “The world has nothing to offer me.” All of these feelings and beliefs stem from the unconscious realization that something is not right here and somehow we have been sucked into this “wrongness” that is inherent in all that we see.

This inherent wrongness, this primal anti-truth that is expressed everywhere we look can be seen in the words, looks, actions, desires, dogmas, perceptions, and beliefs of everyone around us – including ourselves. As sensitive people we are finely tuned to the tension that always exists between us and “others”: the jealousy, the betrayal, the insecurity, the hatred, the pretension, as well as the B tension between us and the environment: the abuse, the greed, the destruction – and finally the tension that always exists within us: the self-sabotage, the shame, the fear, the isolation, the hunger for something “more” kept under a happy, socially approved guise.

The more sensitive we are at the end of the day, the more susceptible we are to seeing through the grand ploy, the great fraudulence of life that makes us feel incomplete and unfulfilled.

But this sensitivity is a great intelligence – and in fact, I would say it is the greatest kind of intelligence there is.

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25 thoughts on “Freeing Yourself of the Lifelong Sadness You’ve Felt as a Sensitive Person”

  1. Avatar of Michela Damiani

    I know all this !! I have lived all this …..I have embarked on this Journey 14 years ago when I read “A return to Love” By Maryanne Williamson….. And also a book on Celestine prophecy !! I have reached this point that so etching still isn’t right ? as now I have this problem with my stomach bloating severely up and down every day tried everything … Doctors cannot explain…… Tried also to connect with in my self to tell myself it will pass but it I getting worse Has anyone got any answers

    1. Avatar of Pat

      I had that stomach thing very similar to what you describe at a certain point of my life…it was a deep down seated fear.Ive been a follower of CP 9 insights for many years,and its learning has taken me to a better place in life thay ever imagined. yes as it is described here my sadness 20 yrs ago was existential…meditation has been my cure.

  2. Avatar of Ellen

    This resonates with me so deeply. But how do you release the pain and depression? I recognize it but am unsure of how to get it out of me. Any practical methods? Or is it about constantly working at being conscious of it?

  3. Avatar of Jeryl Sachs

    This was extremely enlightening. At last I have found something that explains how I feel and says it is”okay to feel this way. I would like more information as to joining any group or locations for self improvement and nourishing ones sole

  4. Avatar of ajay

    Just be in yourself, not to worry about sadness. Everything in this world just because you think it is else it is not. So stop thinking about your sadness, just see it as watching your favourite movie and you will feel the Magic of enjoyment, although its also a type of reason to sadness, but by your own observation you will feel better peace of mind. This is what you actually need.

  5. Avatar of L

    You don't, you accept yourself as you are bit by bit, every piece of you, as the work of art that you are. This article is great better than most, and preaching the whole "fix yourself" doctrine which is understandable, but I found this approach much more profound. Then you work and mending, and tending, sculpting yourself as your want to be each moment riding the waves of change, as the Earth becomes your inspiration more and more, bit by bit.

  6. Avatar of Tehnaz Ragi

    Have you thought of having a screening for visual perceptual sensitivity? It can create a biochemical imbalance due to high stress from visual perceptual overload which can lead to headaches, migraines, depression, etc. even seizures among other things. look up

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