Do These 5 Things Next Time You Feel Depressed

 October 22, 2017

Depression is the most common among all the other mental disorders. So don’t ignore the signs and start doing these 5 things if you feel depressed.

All around us people are being affected by Depression. A serious mental health issue, it’s taking all over the world, claiming victims. It’s only recently that much research is being done about it and people are reaching out for help.

Depression is said to be caused by chemical imbalance in the brain which results in various symptoms. Although the diagnosis is a fairly okay process, it’s the treatment that is a tricky subject.

Doctors prescribe medicines to their patients saying that it will cure them of Depression but it’s not entirely true. Prescription medicine only provides a calming effect or a somewhat instant relief but does not relieve that patient from Depression completely.

Although, this does not mean that prescription medicines are therefore useless and that one should not take them. They are necessary to take in order to feel better but it’s also important to be aware of the fact that it’s not a permanent solution. Although it might be marketed as “cure”, one should know that it’s not.

Most patients end up being heavily dependent on anti-depressants which are really harmful. To gradually wean off of medicines is a long and nasty process as it often brings side effects like serotonin syndrome and brain zaps. Often it becomes so difficult for the patient that the therapist has to end up increasing the dosage.

There are however some other healthier options that can help in reducing the effects of Depression and have worked for many around the world. It must be kept in mind that each patient is different and what works for one might not work for another.


So Check Out These 5 Ways To Reverse Depression And Find Happiness!

1) Dancing

No other physical activity can instantly cheer people up more than dancing. You don’t even have to be a pro at it. Just put on some groovy music that you like and start moving with the flow of it.

It releases a lot of happy hormones in your body and is a fantastic stress-reliever. The entire process of keeping with the beat and moving with the music is therapeutic.

It’s scientifically proved to a brilliant method of curing several mental health issues and other problems, widely used for treating Parkinson’s.


2) Exercise

Exercise does wonders for our body, physically as well as mentally.

It not only improves cardiovascular activities, which is linked to cognitive health but also helps in releasing endorphins which are apparently stress-relieving hormones.

Exercise also stimulates the growth of new brain cells, called neurogenesis. Working out eases your muscles and all the anger and stress that builds inside gets taken out.


3) Travelling

It doesn’t need to be a luxurious trip or a long one. In today’s world managing a decent time period to travel is difficult.

However, it is important to go around exploring with your own self. It can be somewhere close but the thought counts.