10 Best Movies To Watch After a Breakup

Best Movies To Watch

Breakups suck. Period. You know it as well as I do. Whether you were in a long term committed relationship or even if it wasn’t that great to begin with, ending a relationship is never easy. In fact it can suck even more if you are being ghosted. It doesn’t matter if you are the dumper or the dumpee, saying goodbye to someone you shared your life with comes with a certain amount of pain, regret, anger and frustration.

Get. Set. Mourn.

10 Best Movies To Watch After a Breakup

The connection you developed with your partner is now broken. Life as you know it is now over. But that doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing. As life takes you to an all new avenue full of opportunities, excitement and endless love, it is this transition which you need to face and overcome. There is no shortcut through it.

You need to mourn the end of your relationship. You need to accept that the person you thought was ‘The One’ is now gone, perhaps forever.

You need to feel angry. You need to feel sad. You need to eat all the ice-cream you can. You need to block their ass on social media. You need to rebound. You need to go as crazy as you feel like. But you need to get over it and start your life over.

Although I am no expert expert on moving on, but the easiest way to start the mourning process is by starting to watch breakup movies. What? Yup. That’s right.

If you want to start moving on, then start by watching the best movies on breakup Hollywood has to offer.

It is one of the tried and tested ways to distract yourself and go through this process of self healing. Whether you watch it with friends or alone, curling up on your couch with a lot of snacks and the best breakup movies can do wonders for you.

Best Movies Watch

Time for movie therapy

Watching the right movies can help us go through various challenges in our lives, including breakups. If you are stuck crying on your bed, then it’s time to move your bum and start watching some of the greatest breakup movies. Watching fictional characters going through real challenges of breakup can be the best way for you to start moving on. Irrespective of which stage of grief you are in right now, there are various movies for you out there that can lift your mood up.

But that’s not all. Movies can even help you heal and open your heart to new love. Psychotherapists are now using movies to help people cope with difficult emotions under the guidance of life coaches and movie experts. Known as film therapy, it uses positive psychology and allows you to start the healing process by watching the right movies, looking at posters, reading quotes and other forms of visual analysis.

Movie therapy is being considered as an effective psychological tool due to the following reasons:

  • Identification: As most of us relate with characters in a movie. It allows us to find hope through their fictional happy endings.
  • Learning: Watching movies have various beneficial cognitive effects that help us learn and be more creative.
  • Duration: Usually the length of a typical Hollywood film is almost the same as a therapy session.
  • Attention: By focusing on the visuals and sounds we tend to become more mindful and get distracted from our debilitating thoughts.
  • Relaxation: Movies redirect our attention and reduces anxiety. It enables us to disconnect, revitalize and relax.
  • Enjoyment: Movies make us laugh and affects our mood. Through various fictional yet relatable scenarios movies influence our mental health.
  • Reflection: Films can make us self reflect and introspect on a spiritual and existential level.
  • Dealing with loss: Movies offer us new perspectives about life and help us in dealing with heartbreak by changing our attitude.
  • Cathartic release: Movies on breakups can help you face your deepest emotions. It allows you to express your true feelings by shedding your tears and experiencing relief.

Movies can inspire us, encourage us, boost our mood and even help us find the most fantastic solutions to life problems. Watching the right breakup movies will undoubtedly help you get over your breakup and make you feel happier in time.

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