11 Superpowers of an Introverted Child

 November 19, 2016

11 Superpowers of an Introverted Child2


7. You are observant

Introverts like to spend time in quiet thought. This means thinking about all kinds of things, including noticing and investigating your environment. Since introverts think through situations thoroughly and tend to create worlds in their own minds, they also tend to remember events and details vividly.  This makes introverts awesome at recalling their own stories and the stories of other people.


8. You are reliable

Chances are, even if they don’t always show it, the adults in your life have confidence in your reliability, and value and depend on your trustworthiness. Because you are organized, keeping your promises and plans is easier, because you usually think through your actions before you make them.


9. You are fair

You are a terrific listener and tend to listen to all parties and circumstance before judging a situation. People love to have a friend that will really listen to what they have to say and provide equitable opinions. You are great at listening with your whole brain and not just your ears.


10. You are peaceful

Introverts are rarely bullies because rather than picking a fight, you are more likely to be found thinking out how to explain your point of view through words. Since you’re terrific listeners, introverts can often solve conflicts by talking it out rather than getting physical. Introverts tend to calm other people down who are around them.  That’s not to say introverts don’t get excited or a little crazy sometimes, but they tend to stay calm and help other people around them stay calm, especially in tough situations.


11. You know yourself

Because you like to spend time alone and enjoy your own thoughts, you know a lot about yourself, and how different things are likely to make you feel. Spending time thinking about who you are and what matters to you is a great way for an introvert to use their traits to help themselves grow.

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