A Letter For You, When You Feel You’ve Hit Rock Bottom

Letter For You Feel Hit Rock Bottom

Have you hit the rock bottom? Breathe. You are going to be okay. I know there is no way to convince you that these are all just temporary road-blocks but look above and trust Him.

The wrong decisions.
The failures.
The betrayals.
The heartaches.

They are all part of what makes you a stronger, bolder, and wiser version of you. The scars they stamp on you will serve as reminders from the toughest battles you survived.

Turn your pain into something creative and let it be shared with the people who are going through the same suffering. Pour you unspoken words into a blank canvas and post them in your Facebook feeds, take photographs of everything that reminds you of misery and put them out on Instagram, Tweet about the thoughts that are consuming your mind – let them all out.

For all, you know someone somewhere finds comfort in discovering that they are not alone in fighting their own brokenness.

Don’t feel ashamed if you can’t keep your pillows dry at night as you attempt to gather the shattered pieces of yourself. It’s never a crime to be honest and authentic about your emotions.

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Keep digging through the holes inside your heart that oftentimes make you feel empty. Recall the chances you let slip through your fingers and watch them go away. Let the unsolicited comments of others about you tune inside your head over and over again.

But please promise to forgive yourself for all the choices you thought were good for you, for following your heart even if it was against the will of people around you, for all the times you felt weak and hit rock-bottom.

Forgive others when they take you for granted and belittle you when they earn your trust only to turn things around against you when they cheat and promise you lies.

Forgive the world and all its fleeting moments that you experienced in such a short span. Forgive life for taking your loved ones away from you, and for the wishful thinking that wasn’t granted in your favour.

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It is okay if you haven’t all figured out the direction that you’re supposed to be trekking – nobody really does.

You are just starting to find your place in this midst of the uncertain world and you are allowed to fall flat on the ground for a number of times until you learn your best lessons in life.

You have a beautiful soul that’s both caring, but fragile. And that’s okay.

Allow time to give you space to grow and be accepting of all your defeats. Life isn’t always going to hand you gold medals and bouquets of roses. Some moments you will pant and bleed for chasing one thing you’re passionate about. And that’s perfectly alright. The finish makes every line worth crossing over. And you will overcome.

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