What It Means When A Woman Says She’s Confused


What It Means When A Woman Says She's Confused

What she REALLY means when she says she’s confused.

You’ve met a woman.

Man, does she smell good.

God, does she feel good to look at. You almost pinch yourself.

You can’t believe that you’ve met somebody so damn hot, but more importantly, you can’t believe that she actually likes you.

It’s not that you’re insecure or living a fearful life.

You just met your dream girl. We all have one, and you met her.

She’s the girl you’ve been thinking about since you were a little boy. She’s the girl you’ve been fantasizing about.

You finally met her, and things appear to be going great.

Then all of a sudden one night, you go to kiss her goodnight for the very, very first time, and she looks at you and she says, “Whoa, I don’t know what I want right now, I’m confused.

One date. I’m not sure if I want a relationship.”

She spews all these things at you. Things that don’t make any sense at that moment.

You go home and you think to yourself, what did she mean by that?

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What is She Confused About?

You engage your male friends, and you ask them what she meant.

What did she mean when she said this?

She was so stable. We went out on a couple dates. I went in for the kiss, to touch her, and all of a sudden she freaked out on me.

What does it all mean?

Well, let me tell you something, what it all means.

It means that this is the first of many freak outs she’s going to have.

You see, she’s a woman.

She’s full of emotion. She emotes, and she’s in the moment.

And at that moment, she was starting to like you, and she started freaking out a little bit.

She didn’t know whether or not she was ready for a relationship, so she decided to vomit her feelings and her words all over you.

You see, what really happened was she went home afterwards and she calmed herself down.

And the very next morning, she texts you good morning.

She was just emoting, and that’s what women do.

Women Are More Emotional Than Men

And it’s the first of many emotions you’re going to see.

Oh, there will be other ones coming.

After the first time you have sex with her and you didn’t call her within three hours after having sex or didn’t send her a text, she’s going to all of a sudden fucking emote.

You’re going to call her that night. She’s going to be standoff-ish a little bit because she’s going to think that she shouldn’t have slept with you, and she’s feeling bad about it.

And she might say something, and that will be the second time she emotes.

It’s okay.

They’re women.

That’s what they do, you need to understand women’s emotions.

When you sign up to have a relationship with a member of the opposite sex, these are the things she’s going to do with you on a consistent basis.

What you need to do as a man is be a rock during the whole time and not react. The key here is not to react.

When you react to this emoting, she is then going to get deeper into her head, and it’s going to turn nothing into something.

So I’ve learned when a woman I’m hanging out with emotes, freaks out a little bit, says something that doesn’t agree, I just let it go because I realize that’s the difference between the two sexes.

I’m okay with them emoting.

What they’re looking for is stability. They’re looking for you not to say anything, not to engage.

They’re looking for you to be a man, to be a rock, to just sit there and allow them to be in that moment.

That’s all you can do.

If you react to it, it kind of turns into something.

You’ll turn nothing into something.

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Written by David Wygant
Originally appeared in Davidwygant.com

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What It Means When A Woman Says She's Confused

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