Why A Soft-Hearted Girl Gets Hurt Easily


SoftHearted Girl Gets Hurt Easily

Are you dating a soft-hearted girl? Then here’s why she gets hurt easily.

“It’s a difficult thing having a heart made of glass; people don’t seem to realize how easily it shatters. How often I’ve swept up the pieces and carefully glued them back together.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes

The moment you establish a bond with her, she will give up everything for you.

She will go out of her ways to help you without even bothering about herself. Unfortunately, soft-hearted girls are the ones to get hurt easily.

They are taken advantage of and their emotions are being played with.

It’s easy to cheat on them because they would trust you so much that they wouldn’t believe you can cheat.

There are quite a few reasons for soft-hearted girls getting hurt easily.

(1) Soft-hearted girl gets attached easily:

Flirting is not her cup of tea. In the beginning, it might be interesting for her but after a few dates, she will get attached to you.

She will start believing in your sugar-coated lies and start imagining a future with you. But you had no intention of the same.

A few instances of your warmth will make them believe that you are completely into her. Since she herself gets attached to people easily, it’s hard for her to believe that some people don’t feel the same.

Hence, she will get hurt when you leave.

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(2) She always notices your positive side no matter what wrongs you have done:

There have been an ample number of times you have hurt her. She must have cried alone too but she would refuse to see your negative side until the last moment.

She will find you a beautiful person if she sees you helping out an aging lady cross the road; she will think that you are a good human being if you offer food to the homeless.

You might have behaved rudely with her during lunch the other day or you might have gone to the party with someone else; you have hurt her but since she has seen those positive sides of yours, she will consider you as a good human being.

This way, it’s easy to take advantage of her innocence and trust.

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(3) She believes in fairy-tale romance:

Have you sent her a bouquet of orchids last week?

You got her smitten. The soft-hearted girl believes in fairy-tale romance where we have the prince offering flowers to his princess.

A little gesture of liking will make her feel that it’s extremely romantic and she will start fantasizing about you. The truth is, you don’t need to buy her expensive gifts or take her to exotic locations to win over her.

A warm smile, flowers, or similar gestures are enough to make her feel special. While you might like her and give her vibes of liking, she is perhaps dreaming of a honeymoon with you. Eventually, she is the one to get hurt.

(4) She trusts people easily:

She believes in people very easily. She is a trustworthy person and thinks that everyone can be trusted.

For her, a smile or some few good words mean that the person is a good human being.

This makes her vulnerable and people take advantage of her trust.

(5) She believes that people can change:

You might have hurt her multiple times but she believes that people can change.

She values ‘sorry’ and when someone says that they wouldn’t do it again, she believes in them.

She forgives people easily which makes her the easy target.

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Soft-hearted girls can’t judge people well.

They are so simple and innocent that it’s hard for them to have distrust on others. They always see the bright side of people and get hurt every now and then.

It’s time, they should understand their own good and start believing that not everyone is a good person.

5 Reasons Why Soft-Hearted Girls Get Hurt Easily
SoftHearted Girl Gets Hurt Easily Pin
Why A Soft-Hearted Girl Gets Hurt Easily

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