Why People Who Talk To Themselves Aren’t Crazy, They’re Actually Geniuses

Who Talk To Themselves Aren't Crazy, They're Actually Geniuses

Do you often become the subject of a joke for many of your friends when being spotted muttering to yourself frequently? If you belong to a group of people who talk to themselves, then here’s a good news for you!

I talk to myself

Now is the time to prove that you are a real-time genius. You do not prefer to rely on other’s advice and thereby have self-confidence stuffed within. Your inner voice is your ultimate guide.

“How am I supposed to react?”

“Did I pave the right way to reach my destination?”

“Was I behaving way too rude with that person?” – Where do you expect to get genuine answers to such questions that you get trapped in everyday life?

Well if you are a hardcore believer of facts, a life of Albert Einstein exemplifies the perks of ‘Self-talk’. Moreover, the experiment done by Psychologist-researcher Gary Lupyan proved that people who prefer to talk aloud to themselves have immensely strong concentration power and extraordinary idea-generating abilities.

Talking in a supportive tone to your conscience brings out the positivity and creates an appreciable difference within you.

Here are a few reasons that will knock off the feeling of insanity on being criticized for blabbering in your own world. Cherish yourself for being an exotically intelligent creature.

7 Reasons Why If you Often Talk To Yourself, You might be a Genius 

1. ‘Self-talking’ clears up the mess of your mind-

When different opinions about a certain thing make a harsh clash, how do you sort it out? Stop wandering around and take the expert’s advice. Well, the expert is within you. A session of talking aloud to yourself helps you clear the webbed thoughts. A fight amongst the different façades of yours brings out clarity at the end as supported by the psychologist Linda.

2. Scientists support the claim-

When switched to the practical side of this fact, various experiments conducted produced the result that favours ‘Self-talk’. In one of the experiments conducted by Swigley and Lupya, 20 people were supposed to pick up a certain item from the supermarket. Results were more positive when the people were asked to repeat the item aloud while searching.

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3.Self-talk makes you goal centric-

Even after innumerable attempts; your goal seems to be a distant star to be reached. Why is it so? Well, you are lacking focus. A goal-oriented mind needs a session of self-talking in order to find strategies. It also helps in washing off the distraction and thus brings rigidity and surety in the mindset.

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4. It speeds up the work mechanism-

A person who keeps talking to himself cannot resist back and hence stirs up the imagination and creativity. He forms a stronger bond with the world through visualization. Their minds stimulate the response because long-lasting impressions on their minds gets activated during every self-talking session.

5. A necessary self booster-

What could be more motivational than a piece of advice asking to gear up yourself? The moment you feel demoralized or down, the overshadowed spirit within you that is enthusiastic enough to win over every obstacle needs to be sieved out. As per the studies, the self-talk where you consider yourself as a second person rather than the first person is more influencing.

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