How Narcissistic Denial Can Make You Doubt Your Reality

Narcissistic Denial Make Doubt Reality

Narcissism and denial often go hand in hand. Narcissists strategically use denial as a psychological tool to retract, disprove and debunk certain things they might have said or done. Narcissistic denial can also be used to make you question your own sanity.

Denial is a brainwashing strategy

A narcissist can use denial to bait or provoke you and trigger a negative response from you. The moment you stand up for yourself or react out of anger, they then use your response to make you seem like the abuser. This can make you feel shame, guilt and confusion about your own thoughts and perceptions. Narcissistic denial is a manipulative technique that abusers use to dominate you and make you do what they want. By constantly abusing and insulting you and then denying it, narcissists make you question yourself and instill extreme self-doubt and low self-esteem. Denial is also used to condition and brainwash you as well.

Author Jackson Mackenzie explains that narcissists often intentionally say and do certain things that they are sure will trigger a reaction out of you. He writesWhen you react, they’ll turn the tables and blame you for misunderstanding. Often, they’ll even deny that they ever said it. This is called gaslighting – blatantly doing or saying something, and then blaming the other party for misinterpreting it (or denying that it even took place).” They use gaslighting as a brainwashing technique to make you doubt your own reality.

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How Narcissistic Denial Can Make You Doubt Your Reality
How Narcissistic Denial Can Make You Doubt Your Reality

Narcissistic denial & delusion

A narcissistic person is often delusional. Whether they are your parent, boss, coworker or partner, a narcissist will never own up to their mistakes and will refuse to take responsibility for their negative behavior and actions. They will constantly deny saying or doing something even though there may be evidence to prove otherwise. They will deny all the flavors you did for them, deny what they did to you, deny events that happened, deny conversations that took place, deny their behavior and even reality, if needed. 

Narcissistic denial is a conscious and constant practice which can even start to affect the narcissist’s reality. Intentionally denying the truth can make them believe in their lies so strongly that they may become disconnected and detached from reality. As denial becomes their new reality, narcissists can often experience delusion. Author and certified coach Darius Cikanavicius explains “People with strong narcissistic tendencies are highly delusional. That’s why having a conversation with them can be incredibly frustrating.

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Gaslighting and narcissistic denial

Narcissistic denial is a form of gaslighting which is a psychological manipulation technique used by abusers to gain and maintain emotional control over you. It can be used by a narcissist to manipulate events and surroundings to make you doubt yourself and your beliefs. It is a symbol of an abusive relationship and can occur in different types of relationships, like friendships, families, marriages and in workplaces.

According to therapists Andrea Papin, RTC, and Jess Jackson, LMT, gaslighting is used by abusers to “gain an upper hand and avoid accountability.” This brainwashing technique is mostly used by covert narcissists. They use gaslighting to play mind games that make you second guess your experiences and make you vulnerable to their suggestions. This is why it can often be difficult for the victim to realize if they are experiencing this manipulation strategy. Therapist Aki Rosenberg, LMFT, says “Gaslighting at its core is always about self-preservation and the maintenance of power/control.” It gives the abuser the power and control to create and maintain a narrative that makes you appear wrong and makes them seem perfect.

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How Narcissistic Denial Can Make You Doubt Your Reality
How Narcissistic Denial Can Make You Doubt Your Reality
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