Why A Text From You Is Never Enough

Why A Text From You Is Never Enough

Why a text from you is never enough? Why don’t you make use of your phone to call me instead?

Why don’t you call me and make plans of spending some wonderful time together?

Please stop hinting that you have some affection left for me in your heart by following my every move on social media. I am really not impressed!

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Your texts are misleading, your ‘heys’ and untimely ‘wassups’ confuse me into thinking that you are missing me. But, are you really? Your silence… your statuses – are they all meant for me?

It’s all so confusing and it all blocks my mind into thinking more and more of you.

Why A Text From You Is Never Enough

I hate it. I hate it when my heart falls again for your words. I hate it when your messages can’t make me stop thinking about you more, I hate it when you text me “I miss you” because it softens my heart for you. And I hate it, even more, when I realize how I have woven my life around with the small bits you are willing to offer me in the name of ‘love’.

No, don’t get me wrong. I am also very much willing to let you in, but I want concerted efforts from your side to make the relationship work. A few presses of buttons on your phone won’t do. Your texts are just not enough to sate me, I want more.

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Only if I am your priority and you are ready to go out of your way to do things that prove the same, I will be too happy to let you back. Don’t give me the feeling that I am someone you can use in your free. I don’t think, I am asking for much.

An effortless text is not what I need. If you think a sentence can do the magic, I want to tell you they are nothing but a bunch of effortless, meaningless words to me.
They don’t carry the depth of your affection.

I am sorry, but I really don’t want to be happy with the thought that I am in a relationship. I don’t want a relationship with a phone or some words. It has nothing but some text messages on offer and a few dates here and there (if I get lucky sometimes). I don’t want to be with someone, yet feel lonely and single. I don’t want something that is vague and unclear.

No, I am not willing to go so low, feel so needy as to compromise with a half-hearted, almost relationship.
I deserve more!

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