6 Signs You’re In A Genuine Relationship

a genuine relationship

“A genuine relationship is one that is not dominated by the ego with its image-making and self-seeking. In a genuine relationship, there is an outward flow of open, alert attention toward the other person in which there is no wanting whatsoever.

― Eckhart Tolle

In life, it is the small gestures that are the most important. Thanks to the internet, we have multitudes of people we can be friends with. This has become the norm so much so that it is not a point of discussion anymore.

Everyone, even the mothers have hundreds of people following them on Instagram and Twitter. Even your grandparents have learned how to use Facebook. With all these advancements, it only seems natural that we keep even our most personal of relationships displayed on the internet.

However, there is something we need to think about. Besides those who are related to us by blood and marriage, do we actually give importance to even a few of the many friends we’ve gathered online?

Technology has advanced a great deal in an effort to bring humans beings closer to each other and at times it succeeds. It has even managed to save lives. But there are also times when spending life behind an electronic screen can make us feel devastatingly lonely.

Genuine relationship
Genuine Relationship

Human beings need something more to survive. We need our human connections to feel genuine. So how can we figure out who really loves us?

Luckily there are always indicators, some of them very subtle. They’ll show you that some of your friends are always there for you, helping you out. While getting messages can make you happy, those words also need to be backed by actions that cannot be performed in front of a screen.

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Although there is no hard rule for a genuine relationship, but there are some signs you should look for so that you can be sure that people mean it when they say they love you. All of us should be working on doing these things because they are only normal ways to show another person how we feel about them.

1. Surprises You With A Visit

Your Tango and Ford Motor Company teamed up to do some research and found that more than half the volunteers in their study felt very cared for when their friends dropped by for surprise visits. Think about your loved one’s expression when you last visited them.

Even if you message each other all day every day, it will never match up to the real thing. Research has also proved that being around those we care about makes us happier and contributes to our well being.

2. Tell Your Exciting Things Over The Phone Rather Than Just Sending A Text

Having an entire conversation in emoticons is a lot of fun and most of us feel smart when we can convey complicated news using only them. While that’s fun, studies have shown that the majority of people, even in this day and age like it when they hear good news over a phone call and they can shout out their praise from their side. It is really adorable when you’re chanting out your congratulations over the phone to the friend you got drunk within the college.

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