Men Don’t Know How To Deal With Female Empaths And Here’s Why

Men Don’t Know How To Deal With Female Empaths And Here’s Why (2)

When I talk about empathy, I’m not talking about the kind of empathy an ordinary person feels. I’m specifically referring to people born with the gift of being empaths. The more powerful a woman empath is, the harder it gets for men to figure her out. Most guys won’t be able to understand the depth of her love and care for those who are around her. They don’t realize how wonderful her sensitivity is and how precious it is to be born with a gift like hers. Initial difficulties and external factors will make them give up without really trying. Unfortunately, they are missing out on some of the best people in the world.

Here are the things men can’t deal with in a female empath:

1. Strong Sense of Independence

Society keeps telling men that they are the strong ones, the protectors of the fairer sex. Many can’t fathom what it is like to be with a woman who is strong enough to fend for herself. A female empath would already have shouldered burdens that men can’t imagine lifting and just because she wants a commitment doesn’t mean she wants a bodyguard.

2. High Expectations

As a witness to all that is wrong in this world, a woman with the power of empathy will always set high moral standards for herself. ‘Do no harm’ are the words she lives by and she expects the same passion and commitment from those close to her. She won’t accept any of the excuses that some men make for their behavior.

3. Her Own Savior

Her empathy doesn’t make her a broken thing. Life is more difficult for such women, yes, but they’re no man’s charity project. She doesn’t need a man to step up and save her. The weight of her ability is hers alone to bear and no one else can know what carrying it feels like. Being well aware of her own power, she’ll only blow a man’s ego to bits if he underestimates her.

4. Observant And Critical

Empaths are deeply observant and they don’t take anything at face value. To truly understand a situation, they have to know all that has happened and many men don’t like having to face that kind of critical questioning. But it is necessary for an empath so that she can have peace of mind rather than just feeling like something is off.

5. Passion, Intensity, Commitment

Doing things by halves is not an empath’s style. A female empath will pour her heart and soul into everything she does and this includes all of her relationships. They look for the deeper meaning behind each and every little interaction and when they commit to someone, they commit for a lifetime. A lot of people can’t live up to these expectations and some might not be strong enough to tie themselves to another person in that manner. This is really unfortunate because if a female empath loves you, she will love you with every fiber of her being.

6. Staring Into Your Soul

The gift of empathy allows these women to look at a person and see the truth about them. Facades and bluster don’t fool them. They’ll see all that is beautiful and all that is ugly within a man and judge him accordingly. If he tries to hide something from them, they’ll figure out that something is being held back almost instantly and this can make some men feel very unnerved. A female empath won’t blindly trust anything anyone says.

7. Dislike For Volatility

When a female empath decides to enter into a relationship with a man, she’ll want him to stick to his word. She’s not here for tantrums and mood swings. If the man says he’ll do something, she’ll assume that it is done. If he says he’ll be somewhere she’ll assume he’s there at the appointed time. Nothing less will do for her and she will act the same way with you. There’s enough going on in her life so she doesn’t want the complication of dealing with a person who is unable to keep his word.

8. Fear Of Vulnerability

Getting her to open up is a feat in itself. Privy to so many emotions, empaths often find themselves being taken advantage of and sometimes, they even let it happen because they know they can help. But this comes at the cost of their ability to trust others. Every relationship requires a certain amount of vulnerability and intimacy between partners, but a female empath is also scared of being hurt again. She’ll take every step with caution and for some men, things might seem to be moving too slowly. But it isn’t her fault that she needs the time to bring herself to trust you.

9. No Sugar Coating

Most empaths can see right through people and since lies don’t really work on them, they don’t serve up lies to those around them. An empath woman knows that communication is the key in all relationships and she isn’t scared of getting a dose of reality. She will be a hundred percent truthful at all times about what she thinks and she won’t try to cover up with flowery words. Moreover, she will expect the same kind of honesty from those who are close to her.

10. Persistence And Ambition

Go-getters in every situation, there’s no indecisiveness in a female empath. She’s incredibly self-aware, so she doesn’t need anyone to tell her what she should and shouldn’t be doing. When she sets her sights on something she keeps going till she gets whatever it is and no one and nothing can stop her. Many men might find this attitude intimidating because they don’t know what to do with her strength.

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