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Which Celtic Tree Astrology Sign Are You and What It Says About You

Celtic Tree Astrology Sign says About You

3. Ash – The Enchanter

(February 18 – March 17)

Ash The Enchanter
Ash – The Enchanter

Ash people are free thinkers, naturally artistic and crave solitude.

Compatibility: Willow and Reed

According to Celtic tree astrology, people born under the energy of the Ash are imaginative, free-thinking, intuitive and enchanting individuals. Their natural gifts of imagination and strong intuition make them excel in creative fields like art and writing. They take a keen interest in theology (spiritual subjects), psychology and the universe- basically anything and everything that enhances their understanding of the spirit and mind.

You enjoy spending time with your thoughts and fantastic visions, which makes you withdrawn, and also temperamental at times. You feel a deep connection with nature and are the happiest when spending time in nature’s lap.

Although the world sees them as recluses, they are just being introspective; they like to stay immersed in their inner world. Your inner landscape is in a process of constant self-renewal.

While you empathize well with others, they might not always understand you. But the positive thing is Ash people pay no heed to other people’s opinions on their matters.

4. Alder – The Trailblazer

(March 18 – April 14)

Alder The Trailblazer
Alder – The Trailblazer Celtic Tree Astrology Sign

Alders are magnetic, confident, and inspire others to join their cause.

Compatibility: Hawthorn, Oak and Birch

Alders have charming, determined personalities that draw followers to their cause. They are born pathfinders and charge forward on their chosen path with such unwavering focus that it inspires others to join them. Alders have high value for time and can’t stand procrastination. They are also intolerant towards indecision and wastefulness. They can penetrate superficial behavior and won’t stand fakeness.

The bright side is that they are warm, friendly and have a way with words, which makes them desirable to a variety of personalities. Others are instantly drawn to their radiant, self-confidence, and Alders always find a tribe of loyal supporters.

Alders are the people everyone looks to when in need of a shoulder to unload their grief. They are supportive and provide advice that works.

A secret fact about Alders is that they have a deep bond with water, which means they are emotional and afraid to scare others with the depth of their emotions.

5. Willow – The Observer

(April 15 – May 12)

Willow The Observer
Willow – The Observer Celtic Tree Astrology Sign

Willow signs are intuitive, intelligent and have mystical lunar powers.

Compatibility: Birch and Ivy

According to Celtic tree astrology, if you are born under the energy of the Willow, your personality is influenced by the moon and many of the mystical lunar powers are bestowed in you. Willow signs have a strong intuition, to the point of being psychic. They have premonitions and can sense the deepest thoughts and feelings of other people.

They have an inherent understanding of cycles and that there’s a right season for everything in life. This gives them their practical outlook and patience higher than most other Celtic tree signs.

Willows are passionate about learning and can retain immense knowledge in their memories; they use this to surprise their company by speaking flawlessly on a variety of subjects.

Your motto in life is to turn a challenging situation to your advantage and hence, you collect wisdom and life lessons from all your experiences.

Despite being intelligent and having good potential, your fear of appearing flamboyant stops you from being expressive before the world. Ultimately, it is your sharp skills of perception that allow you to realize your true potential and be successful in your pursuits.

6. Hawthorn – The Illusionist

(May 13 – June 9)

Hawthorn The Illusionist
Hawthorn – The Illusionist Celtic Tree Astrology Sign

Hawthorn signs are complicated, mysterious, and bursting with curiosity and energy.

Compatibility: Ash and Rowan

Hawthorn signs are similar to the Geminis in western astrology, the sign with a deceptive appearance. A Hawthorn’s inner landscape can be far different from their outward personas. They are a classic example of “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Hawthorns reveal the blueprints of their minds only to people they trust deeply. To others, they might appear complex characters with a mysterious air.

Outwardly, they might seem to lead average lives, but their inside world is overflowing with never-die creative flame, energy and curiosity. They take a keen interest in a variety of fields. They can adapt well, have a likable sense of humor, are patient listeners, and can also give motivational speeches. All these qualities combined, it’s no surprise that they are well-liked and admired, despite keeping their complex inner wiring hidden.

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