30 Minute Exercise Workout Routine Especially for Chest

Try this 30-minute exercise workout routine to get rid of chest problems.

Encourage your breast brain fibers in growth with this Chest Workout routine.

If you want to see some muscle growth stimulation in your chest muscles, I have a 30-minute chest exercise routine that guarantees to set the chest on the chest!

I have used this workout routine with good results and I can guarantee that you are in some serious pain after this 30-minute workout for Chest.

This workout pads fast and it involves the use of tri sets and supersets. A triset is performed one after the other without any rest between the three exercises.

After the third exercise, you will only get rest in a certain period of time.

It is important to understand that this routine is for the more advanced bodybuilders who have at least one solid year on this website and half their training under their belt. If you are a beginner, you are well served by the routines presented in my bodybuilding essay.

Without further ado, here’s my specialization cutout for my book for the literary soul that wants to create some new growth.

  • Incline Dumbbell Press Set of 4 to 4 reps (no rest)
  • Incline Dumbbell Flight Set of 4-10 8 reps (no rest)
  • Incline Dumbbell Press 4 sets as many reps as possible (1 minute left)


Note: Use the same dumbbells you used for Flyes. You may need to lose weight to stay within the recommended recurrence range for 2nd, 3rd and 4th treat.


  • Dumbbell Bench Press Set of 3 to 4 reps (no rest)
  • Weighted chest dips 3 sets 10-12 range (1 minute rest)
  • Dumble Flood 3 sets of 12-15 reps (no rest)
  • Push-ups set of 3 to 15-18 ranges (1 minute rest)

Note: If you are still unable to drip due to lack of energy, try the Gravitron machine. If your gym doesn’t have a gravitron machine and no dip machine, replace the dips with the pushups.

Follow these calories with protein hectares, which include carbs or 6 ounces of chicken breast (3 ounces if you are female), vegetables, and a carb like baked potato or rice to maximize recovery and begin the muscle growth process.


For these types of workouts, I like to use one body part per day to split training. One body part training division is designed in such a way that only one muscle group is aimed at each bodybuilding workout. This is a great way to train highly advanced bodybuilders who are significantly stronger and can create such a high level of intensity at every turn that training will allow for less frequent good results and recovery.

There are two benefits to this workout split:

1. This advanced anatomy allows the hand to concentrate the body part of the hand and work it from all possible angles. In advanced stages, the goal is not to build new muscle mass but to modify any of its balance and achieve perfect equilibrium (or similarity between body parts).

2. It allows the muscle to recover better from the high volume and intensity required from this advanced level of training.

Below you will find good examples of how I will set up one muscle group per training session to prioritize my chest.

  • Monday: Chest / Knitting
  • Tuesday: Hamstrings / Abs
  • Wednesday: Weapons
  • Thursday: Shoulders / Knitting
  • Friday: Quadrilateral / Abbas
  • Saturday: Back / Abs
  • Sunday: Rest


The Conclusion

Try this in four weeks and change the order of exercise to change the order of exercise each week to keep things separate for your body.

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30 Minute Exercise Workout Routine Especially for Chest
30 Minute Exercise Workout Routine Especially for Chest


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