12 Types Of Single Girls (Which One Are You)

Types Of Single Girls

Check out these 12 types of single girls to know which one you relate with the most.

1. The Romantic

Perhaps, there isn’t a single rom com that you haven’t watched. You won’t settle for anything less than the love which brings you to your soul mate. You will know he is the one because he will be a perfect romantic who will shower with you with gifts and flowers not to mention the best type of love that only a few are lucky to get. He will organize dinners for you under the moonlight, near the waterfall, or any other imaginable romantic setting. He will be everything your romantic mind can imagine.

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If you are one of these romantic types of single girls: It’s really good to wait for your soul mate, but it’s also important that you are also aware of the reality. The men in real life don’t act like the lovers portrayed in romantic books and movies.

2. The Cynic

You are not one of those types of single girls who will let yourself be head over heels in love. Since you have been through all this once or twice; you can instantly read the signals when the guy dishes out bullshit. So, you like to be on your guard right from the beginning and take it that the guy you are dating is an absolute asshole. You watch him carefully and let him prove that he isn’t the asshole you think him to be.

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If you are this girl, it isn’t wrong to let a guy prove his worth before allowing him in your life. But, if you are too scared and too careful, you may seem disinterested and cold. You will be prone to see everything in a negative light, and hence, always be in the danger of taking wrong decisions. Keep your eyes open, and allow yourself to see both good and bad things. Take your chance and play the game. Because if you don’t play, you won’t lose, but you won’t win either.

3. The Picky Bitch

You think you are a bombshell and only an extraordinary man can strike your fascination. You can’t fall for a guy who doesn’t match your ever-increasing list of qualities. Your friends call you picky but you feel you just have high standards.

If you are this girl, remember: People who have experienced real love in life found love when they didn’t see it was coming, and it was nothing like they had imagined. Ditch that list and consider every guy. Because if you don’t you may miss that guy who was meant to be yours.

4. The Serial Dater

You are never alone because you are always dating someone or the other. No matter if the guy is jobless, boring, or even an asshole. Your friends accuse of not maintaining standards, but you feel they are just jealous.

If you are this girl, remember: Extreme of anything is bad and so is your extremely open mentality about guys. Allow yourself some time in between relationships so that you can reflect on what you really desire. Once you become selective, your chances of finding the real guy will increase.

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5. The Desperate Chick

Like the serial dater, you too are ready to date anyone, but for a different reasons. You do it because you have had enough breakups and you dread being alone. So, you just want to try very hard to get rid of singlehood.

If you are this girl, remember: Stop. Take a break. Let the pressure ease. It’s really important that you take out men and dating out of your mind because it is more likely you will end up with a wrong guy. Instead, have fun and wait for the right guy who is worthy of your affection.

6. The Fatalist

You are done with the love thing and are no longer interested in getting into relationships. You would rather chill in your apartment than date. What’s the point when all those amorous couples around you will either divorce or break up?

If you are this girl, remember: Heartache is too bad, but shutting yourself away will never let you meet the right guy. So get up, and start dating.

7. The Alpha

12 Types Of Single Girls (Which One Are You)
12 Types Of Single Girls (Which One Are You)

You are independent and successful types of single girls. You desire love, but you can hardly find a guy who can stand your independence and skyrocketing achievements. You date when your schedule allows you and hope to find someone on one of those days. Otherwise, it’s fine because work is your true love, anyway.

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If you are this girl, remember: The right guy will never be intimidated by you, if you show them that he is as important for as your career. All you need to do is to create a healthy work-life balance.

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