To The People Who Love Me Through My Anxiety

I know sometimes I’m difficult.

 June 23, 2018

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To The People Who Love Me Through My Anxiety

Because I know I’m not easy sometimes. And I do everything I possibly can to show that appreciation, even if it comes in overcompensating sometimes. I care. And it’s something you understand about me that takes people a little while to get.

Anxiety is caring too much and I can’t make it stop. I can’t care less about people if I tried. And while a lot of people may look at this as a flaw, people like you see it as a strength.

You’ve never once tried to change me. Thank you for that.

And if I can give you anything in return, it’s the same love and loyalty you’ve shown me.

Because there are a few things people with anxiety completely suck at, texting, patience, not jumping to conclusions. But of the things we’re good at, it’s loving people with everything we’ve got.


And I’m always going to worry about people coming and going but with you, by my side, I never seem to. Regardless of things I’ve done and mistakes I can’t forgive myself for, I look at you because you’re the one thing I got right.

Written By Kirsten Corley

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To The People Who Love Me Through My Anxiety