What Is Spiritual Awakening? 23 Major Signs and Symptoms

What Is Spiritual Awakening? 23 Major Signs and Symptoms

This means that the suffering you experience during the Dark Night of the Soul is for a purpose – and that is the destruction of the old (outdated beliefs, identities, habits) to pave way for fresh ways of being.

This life is a cycle of birth and death. As such, going through the Dark Night is not a pretty or manicured experience – at its core, it’s raw, primal, and the most difficult experience known to humanity. Everything is stripped away from you. There is no light, no clarity, and no peace. But please know that it is a stage, and like everything in life, it will naturally fade.

There are ways of speeding up the Dark Night (like doing inner work) which we have explored on this website extensively. I have gone through a bleak and chaotic Dark Night of the Soul, and let me tell you, inner work is vital. It’s kind of like the difference between letting your old clothes just fall off you (which is a long, unhygienic, and tiresome process) or actively pulling them off and throwing them to the wind yourself.

Signs you might be experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul (along with a spiritual awakening) include the following:

  • You feel isolated from everything (others, yourself, life in general)
  • You feel abandoned by god/the divine
  • Your mood is almost always low and melancholic
  • You’re lost and don’t know which direction is right
  • You feel despair and horror when observing the world
  • You feel a sense of existential dread
  • You feel deep tiredness in your bones
  • You lack the motivation to keep doing what you used to
  • You’ve lost interested in most things
  • You keep pondering the deep questions of life (e.g. “what is the purpose?”)
  • You feel like you don’t belong on this planet

This list is not exhaustive, so keep in mind you might be experiencing signs that aren’t included here. You can take our free Dark Night of the Soul test if you need more clarification.

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7 Spiritual Awakening Stages

The spiritual awakening process is complex, multi-layered, and different for everyone. In reality, it cannot be fit into neat categories.

However, with that being said it is helpful to have a kind of “map” to locate where you’re at right now. The following stages are general. They define the overall flow of the spiritual awakening process:

Stage 1 – Unhappiness, despondency, and feeling lost

In this stage, you experience the aforementioned Dark Night of the Soul. This is a time of confusion, disconnection, alienation, depression, and great unhappiness with life. You are searching for something, but you don’t quite know what.

There is a great looming emptiness inside of you. This stage either emerges spontaneously or due to a life crisis (e.g. breakup, divorce, death, trauma, illness, major life change).

Stage 2 – Shifting perspectives

You start to perceive reality in a totally different way. In this stage, you start seeing through the lies and delusions propagated by society. You feel unhappy with life, disturbed by the suffering you see and hopeless to the ills of the world. You no longer see life as you once did in your previous state of complacent unawareness.

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Stage 3 – Seeking answers and meaning

There must be a point to all this, right? In this stage, you’re asking all the deep questions. You are in search of your life purpose, spiritual destiny, and the meaning of life itself. You will start dabbling in different metaphysical, self-help, and esoteric fields in the search for answers and truth. Your focus is on beginning your spiritual search.

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